The next big thing from Europe: mantyhose

The next big thing from Europe: mantyhose

Tights from Emilio Cavallini

Some fads never make it from Europe to North America, but trend watchers are betting that men’s tights will overcome the odds. Last week, Victor Fiorillo from Philadelphia magazine waxed poetic about the women’s pantyhose he bought at a drugstore, noting that they’re warmer than long johns and would look good under ripped jeans.

Pantyhose for men, or “mantyhose,” were spotted in Givenchy’s spring-summer 2010 show and are showing up in such on-line stores as We Love Colors (we found an affordable $8 version) and Italian hosiery designer Emilio Cavallini’s on-line boutique (which showcases more expensive pairs).

But who would wear them? Says one store owner, “They’ll be über-chic in the next year, even for hipsters riding their bikes in the winter months.” Ah yes, hipsters.

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