Running raves, Bieber dance parties, and three more ways to explore the city’s new clean clubbing scene

Running raves, Bieber dance parties, and three more ways to explore the city's new clean clubbing scene
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It was only a matter of time before the wellness movement infiltrated Toronto’s party scene. Sober raves and techno-infused workouts harness all the energy of a thumping club, but are fuelled by green smoothies and hugs instead of vodka sodas and cut-eye. The result? A killer cardio burn and au naturel high—without bouncers, lineups or obnoxious drunks. Here, the best ways to try out the trend.

Running Raves

An international organization called Night Nation Run created this sporty take on a music festival. Instead of lounging in flower crowns, participants jog a five-kilometre route that takes them past DJ stages and “party zones” to reach the main festival venue. There, the endorphin-led party continues into the night. Where to go: The first Toronto event will be held at Woodbine Racetrack on July 23. Tickets are $70 and can be purchased here. Wardrobe: Anything neon. Free glow necklaces will be handed out at the event.

Early Morning Dance Parties

Instead of hitting the gym before work, early risers in the know congregate en masse for these joyful a.m. extravaganzas. Most events consist of a light workout followed by a sweaty, cold brew and smoothie–fuelled rave. When it’s all over, attendees head to work refreshed and energized. Where to go: Brooklyn-based organization Daybreaker’s next Toronto bash is January 20 at Bloor West’s Super Wonder Gallery (tickets are $20-$30 and can be purchased here). Other local events include London-based Morning Gloryville, which features a yoga class and complimentary massage; and We Rise, a more low-key (but equally fun) version with lots of delicious Toronto treats. Wardrobe: Funky, colourful outfits (like these ones) are encouraged. The dress code for Daybreaker’s January party is all white.

Deep House Yoga

Pulsating house music provides the soundtrack for this clubby new style of yoga. The classes usually have a live DJ spinning ambient tracks, which are purported to maximize relaxation and encourage spiritual connection. Where to go: In Toronto, pop-up studio Deep Side Yoga runs one-off sessions, complete with a complimentary healthy snack bar. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for information on the next class (drop-ins are $20). Wardrobe: Comfortable, close-fitting yoga gear.

Dancing in the Dark

Created in Melbourne, No Lights No Lycra is a weekly dance party held in the pitch dark. Participants vibe to the music, boost their heart rates and get rid of any stress—without fear of judgment. Where to go: The Toronto chapter hosts $5 drop-in classes every Monday evening at Dovercourt House (on Dovercourt just north of Bloor). Wardrobe: Who cares? No one will see your outfit, anyway.

Justin Bieber Moves

Jealous of the booty-popping moves in Bieber’s video for “Sorry?” Torontonians can fulfill their dancer dreams at a new class dedicated to helping wannabe hip hop stars transform into bona fide members of Parris Goebel’s crew. Where to go: Local instructor and performer Fly Lady Di teaches the choreography. The next class is happening on January 24, and costs $35. E-mail her to register. Wardrobe: Bright lipstick, basketball jerseys, oversized jeans and crop tops (watch the video for more inspo).


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