Toronto’s Best Dressed: Trish, Mac & Matty Matheson, the ultimate nonconformists

Toronto’s Best Dressed: Trish, Mac & Matty Matheson, the ultimate nonconformists

Queen West’s cutest trio

Spencer wears a romper by Black Crane, scarf by Noah and blazer by Acne. Matheson wears a hat by Noah, jacket by Champion, shirt by Carhartt and vintage pants. Mac wears a Brixton hat and outfit by Mini Mioche. They were photographed at I Deal Coffee on Ossington. Photograph by Vanessa Heins

Trish Spencer and Matty Matheson have been together since they were teenagers. Much has changed—he’s now a celeb chef and Viceland personality; she’s the co-owner of the bridal boutique LoversLand; they got hitched and had a kid, Macarthur—but at heart, they’re still a pair of Port Colborne Catholic-school kids who yearned for days out of uniform to express their personalities. Though Spencer has a background in fashion, Matheson’s inspirations are more eclectic—’80s-era wrestlers, New York hardcore bands and Eddie Murphy in Trading Places. “He’s kind of a brand whore,” says Spencer. “I couldn’t spend $500 on a shirt, but he would.” They’re simpatico when it comes to baby Mac’s style. “I love putting him in stuff that makes people go crazy,” Spencer says. “He was wearing a onesie with multicoloured birds recently,” Matheson adds, “and everyone thought he was a girl. I don’t care. He can wear pink onesies. He’s a baby!”

Current Obsessions

Army Jacket
M. M.: “For a dude who’s big, long jackets are better. When they’re small, I look like a little potato on sticks.” Topman jacket, $200.
Chloé Perfume
T. S.: “The scent is so light that I kind of forget I’m wearing it.” Roses de Chloé Eau de Toilette, $120. Holt Renfrew, 50 Bloor St. W.
Yankees Cap
M. M.: “Everyone gives me grief because I don’t wear a Blue Jays cap. The Yankees, now that’s classic.” $43.
Opening Ceremony Varsity Jacket
T. S.: “Matty got me one. It’s a great layering piece, and I can wear it anywhere.” $511.

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