Toronto’s Best Dressed: Ageless beauty Judith Maria Bradley

For the 71-year-old fashion model, it’s all about accessorizing

Toronto’s Best Dressed: Ageless beauty Judith Maria Bradley
Bradley, who was photographed in Mirvish Village, wears sunglasses by Orgreen Optics and a dress by Elena Siroegkina of Moscow. Photograph by Vanessa Heins

Judith Maria Bradley may be three times the age of most street-style icons, but her fearlessness and formidable Instagram presence have made her a muse. “Women stop me every day and ask how I found my style,” she says. “I was so shocked at first. Style is complicated—it’s in everything you do, from the way you hold your fork to the way you shake your leg. It’s your soul.”

Bradley, who only started modelling two years ago at age 69, credits her parents with shaping her aesthetic sense. “They took me to all the movies, and I grew up watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers—that was my download, my app.” Today, she says she could wear a garbage bag and make it fashionable, though she’s partial to designers like Balenciaga and Yamamoto.

Her signature look—glam owl shades, artful accessories—may be distinctive, but she refuses to reduce it to a pithy descriptor. “Once you define something,” she says, “you eliminate all other possibilities.”

Current Obsessions

The Odd Fellow’s Bouquet by Atkinsons
“A signature perfume distinguishes your chemistry in a room.” $205. Holt Renfrew, 50 Bloor St. W.

“It’s a healing stone formed from terrestrial debris after a meteorite hit the Syrian desert millennia ago. Having it with me expands my energy field.”

Ink From Speakeasy Tattoo Shop
“I had a heart, inked 50 years ago, embellished by body-embroidery queen Lizzie Renaud.” 299 Harbord St.

Cesare Paciotti Boots
“I gave a pair as a present to myself on my 60th birthday. There’s a dagger logo on the sole.” Lady Blade boots, $1,260.

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