The Look | Aluad Anei

The Look | Aluad Anei

The look

Five of the best-dressed women of 2015 give their advice on aging, style, confidence and the power of lipstick

Aluad Anei

Aluad Anei

Model, 27

Flaunt your quirks

“From an early age, I never felt like I fit in. I was always that super tall girl who soars above everybody. But then I embraced it. I love that I don’t look like anybody else.”

Let stress roll off your back

“I’m in a tough business. In modelling, you really truly need thick skin. I learned to hold my head up to the sky.”

Observe a daily ritual

“I cannot leave the bathroom after I shower without putting on lotion. I need to moisturize.”

Expect the unexpected

“When you’re younger you make these plans: by the time I’m this age I’m going to do this, I’m going to be done school and then in the field. You never know. It doesn’t work the way it’s in your mind and you just have to flow with it.”


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