Life lessons from The Beauty Sessions, conversations in the makeup chair with Toronto’s best-dressed women

Life lessons from The Beauty Sessions, conversations in the makeup chair with Toronto’s best-dressed women

 As we wrap up Toronto Life’s summer collaboration with Sephora, check out all the pearls of wisdom dropped along the way. Here, the greatest hits of women of The Beauty Sessions:

“Style is an accumulation of a lifetime of trying things, loving things, hating things, tearing things apart and starting over again.”—Judith Maria Bradley, model

“We’ve become confused, particularly the younger generation, about what defines beauty. It’s not a popularity contest. It truly comes from within.”—Misty Fox, makeup artist.

“I’ve always loved makeup—I consider it a celebration and not a crutch.”—Katherine Holland, photographer

“What do I consider beautiful? First and foremost, my son. Number two: Walking around in the city at night, looking at the silhouette of Toronto skyline.”—Julie Yoo, vintage retailer

“When you have a group of close girlfriends, you feed off each other’s energy. It’s collaborative style. We all have our different voices and we bring that together.”—Cat Williams, fashion and lifestyle web producer

“I feel very honoured to represent women who have felt really ignored when it comes to fashion and beauty. I see it my mission. Embrace who you are, as you are, right now and just rock it.”Roxy Earle of The Real Housewives of Toronto

 “I find confidence beautiful. I find intelligence beautiful. And I find muscular structure very beautiful—that was a challenge growing up. I played tennis. I was teased a lot for my body shape but the older I’ve become, the more I realize the muscles helped define who I am and helped me excel in my sport.”—Sasha Exeter, fitness and lifestyle blogger

“I like when clothes have a sense of humour. I like things that are imperfect, and a bit silly.” —Elissa Mielke, model and musician

“In fashion, there are no rules. We just keep trying these crazy things and loving every minute of it.”—Cailli Beckerman, blogger

“We’re very proud to be third generation Torontonians. We spent ten years living in New York and I can honestly say I’ve never loved Toronto more than now. The city is accepting, it’s diverse, it supports the arts. Torontonians are just cool.”—Sam Beckerman, blogger

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