Introducing the Beauty Sessions, conversations in the makeup chair with Toronto’s best-dressed women

Introducing the Beauty Sessions, conversations in the makeup chair with Toronto’s best-dressed women

Up first: The Beckerman twins

This summer, we’ve partnered with one of our favourite stores—the beauty mecca Sephora—to host a series of conversations with some of the most stylish women in the city. (Each of these beautiful people has a coveted place on Toronto Life Stylebook’s Best Dressed List.) In this first installment, fashion risk takers Sam and Cailli Beckerman reveal their twinning sense of style, their early love of beauty and their knack for finishing each other’s sentences.

Who: Samantha and Cailliane Beckerman of Beckerman Blog.
They’re wearing: Moschino.
Makeup tips and tricks by: Sephora National Pro Lead Artist Lou Swinden Payne.
Photography by: Vanessa Heins

What’s the best thing about doing your blog?

Sam: “That we get to work together. I also get to fire Cailli all the time and then rehire her the next day!”

Where did your love of style come from?

Cailli: “Probably from right out of the womb. Our mother loved to dress us up but she resisted putting us in matching clothes. Our grandmother, however, always wanted to see us wearing the same thing…”

Sam: “… like little sailor outfits.”

What are your first makeup memories?

Sam: “I remember stealing my mother’s lipstick and also using it as eye shadow and as blush. I was six.”

Cailli: “When we were kids, we’d go on these family holidays and it was our dream just to go get makeovers at department stores.”

Sam: “We’ve always been into different themes. We were into the surf look for a good five years, which influenced how we did our hair, and we were into rock and roll…”

Cailli: “… so we worked on perfecting the rock-and-roll eyeliner.”

What are your style edicts?

Cailli: “In fashion, there are no rules. We just keep trying these crazy things and loving every minute of it.”

Do you always have similar tastes?

Cailli: “Sam and I have the same exact taste. Everything Sam would wear I would wear…”

Sam: “… and everything Cailli would wear I would wear. Except I’m two-and-a-half inches taller.”

Cailli: “So when Sam sees a shirt, she says ‘You can wear this as a dress.’ ”

Sam: “Two-and-a-half inches makes a big difference between a T-shirt and a T-shirt dress.”

What do you love most about Toronto?

Sam: “We’re very proud to be third generation Torontonians. We spent ten years living in New York and I can honestly say I’ve never loved Toronto more than now. The city is accepting, it’s diverse, it supports the arts. Torontonians are just cool.”

What do you consider beautiful?

Cailli: “I don’t want to say I don’t think fashion is beautiful, but I always look within…”

Sam: “… at kindness, compassion, love.”

Cailli: “When all those things come through in a person, that’s beautiful.”


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