Inside PR firm Faulhaber’s Liberty Village office, with free candy, a mini studio and free lipstick

Inside PR firm Faulhaber’s Liberty Village office, with free candy, a mini studio and free lipstick

What: PR firm Faulhaber Communications’ Toronto office
Where: The third floor of Liberty Village’s carpet factory on King Street
How big: 3,200 square feet for 22 employees

Stepping into Faulhaber’s west-end office feels like entering someone’s luxurious home. The lifestyle communications firm has occupied its rustic warehouse for nearly a decade, and founder Christine Faulhaber has filled the space with homey finds she’s collected over the years. The lobby’s “FShoppe” showcases the latest clothing, makeup and accessories from the company’s fashionable roster of brands. When they’re not at their desks, staff are constantly welcoming a stream of celebs, bloggers and stylists, who regularly pop by the space to see what’s new (last week’s visitors included Canada’s first bachelorette, Jasmine Lorimer).

The art on the FShoppe’s back wall was selected by local firm The Art Stylists. Fresh flowers are regularly purchased from neighbouring florist Jackie O, and the duo of regal chairs are by a Dutch brand called Moooi:

Most visitors leave with a tube or two of The Face Shop or Charlotte Tilbury lipstick:

Christine Faulhaber is obsessed with candles. “Since all my staff basically live here, I like to bring in nice things that you’d find in my home,” she says:

This meeting room is dubbed “The Library.” It contains an impressive collection of Vogue magazines that date back to 1985:

Most of the furniture in the main office area is from IKEA. Each desk has a pull-up bench for impromptu meetings:

Here’s Faulhaber in her monochromatic office:

It’s filled with pretty knick-knacks and extra pairs of shoes (like these leopard-print Valentinos) for fancy evening events:

Behind the main workspace is a larger conference room and this casual area called “The Strip,” where staff partake in themed potluck lunches, birthday parties and champagne toasts:

Also back here: a mini studio for staff and bloggers to photograph products:

Candy is always on hand for mid-afternoon sugar boosts (“Bar cart Fridays” provide a different kind of post-lunch buzz):

For the company’s 10th anniversary, in 2011, Faulhaber worked with the Izzy Gallery to create 10 art pieces combining illustration and projection techniques with a live fashion shoot. Faulhaber liked this one so much she got a smaller version printed to hang in her kitchen: