Inside Deloitte’s 19-floor office, with treadmill desks, a spin studio and a full outdoor kitchen

Inside Deloitte’s 19-floor office, with treadmill desks, a spin studio and a full outdoor kitchen

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What: Global professional services firm Deloitte’s Toronto headquarters
Where: The first 19 floors of a tower at Yonge and Adelaide
How big: 420,000 square feet for more than 4,000 employees

Earlier this month, Deloitte’s Toronto staff moved from a handful of dimly lit offices across the GTA into the company’s brand-new home base, a sparkling glass tower right downtown. With sixty-five per cent of the building dedicated to communal work spaces, the thousands of employees are encouraged to roam around and work wherever they like. Staff don’t even have designated desks: instead, each employee has a personal locker where they can pick up their laptop and documents, then choose where they’ll spend the day (options include a treadmill desk, L-shaped couch or secluded skyline-facing pod).

The new tower is part of a national redesign strategy to encourage collaboration, social interaction and workspace flexibility. The first floor has a 90-seat cafeteria with affordable, healthy lunches and a bright green Deloitte dot suspended from the ceiling. The bold branding statement is easily noticed from the street:

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The atrium spans six floors, and features wooden and copper accents that add warmth to the modern space:

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The best part of all the open space is being able to spot people from floors away:

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Each level has a differently coloured café in the exact same spot, so staff are easily oriented. Since there are no assigned desks, the cafés regularly act as a meeting place:

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The in-house design team had some fun with these boldly patterned carpets, a collaboration with Creative Matters:

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Wellness centres are pretty much the norm in new office complexes. Deloitte has an especially nice one, with regular pilates, yoga and barre classes, and changerooms that feel like you’re at a private club:

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There’s also a spin studio:

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The meditation lounge looks out over the city:

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The sixth floor is mostly conference space, and has a party-perfect patio equipped with a full kitchen, flat-top grill and hidden rock-shaped speakers—to say nothing of its great view of Yonge Street:

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Almost every wall features a piece by a notable Canadian artist. This one is by Steve Driscoll (the guy who built a lake inside an art gallery):

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Treadmill desks are located in soundproof rooms, so staff can pace in private while taking stressful calls:

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These high-topped booths are a more relaxing way to get some privacy and take in the view:

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The Deloitte Greenhouse is a mini conference room for demonstrating cool new technologies (like Muse meditation devices, one of which is sitting on the bright green stool below) to clients. Inside is a mural by local artist Ben Johnston:

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The Deloitte University is a massive, hotel-inspired space that’s used mainly for leadership and development training (instead of renting out the ballroom of the Royal York, for instance):

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The decor is particularly cozy here, with an illuminated electric fireplace and a polar bear sculpture commissioned from local firm Moss and Lam:

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