Holt Renfrew’s cavalcade of Canadian design at LG Fashion Week’s opening night

Holt Renfrew’s cavalcade of Canadian design at LG Fashion Week’s opening night

Step, pivot, step, step (Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)

Bloor Street West may have lost its mayor, but fans of the hot pink bag arrived at LG Fashion Week’s opening ceremonies last night to support Holt Renfrew’s showcase of Canadian design. Robin Kay opened the festivities with her traditionally laboured speech, this time remarking on the heart and tenacity found within Toronto’s fashion quarters. “We have no excuse but to expose ourselves to the world,” Kay declared. (We were grateful that this did not prompt her to remove her clothing.) See our full photo and scene coverage below.

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Twenty Cluny’s Sara Rabkin, late for her own show, came screeching to the curb of Heritage Court in a Porsche. We can’t help but feel her state of disrepair accounted for the night’s almost hour-long delay, which would be fine if we’d had more than the sponsor-provided Special K cereal bars to snack on. Showing alongside Twenty Cluny were acclaimed designers Todd Lynn, Denis Gagnon, Smythe, Lida Baday, Wings + Horns, Pink Tartan, Greta and Ezra Constantine, Jeremy Laing and, of course, Canada Goose jackets.

Seen in the front row, bobbing their heads along to Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s “Takin’ Care of Business”—from an intro video directed by Justin Wu—were Suzanne Rogers, Suzanne Boyd, Jeanne Beker, Rosemary Cocq and Tommy Ton. While we enjoyed the music and this “they’re just like us” moment, we were really excited about Denis Gagnon’s chiffon T-shirt and waxed linen skirt, Wings + Horns’ fishtail parka, Lida Baday’s shadow plaid jersey dress, all of Smythe’s jackets (but not their styling) and Jeremy Laing’s Hand of Glory tee and velvet lounge pants. As much as we loved what we saw, if we don’t see fur or velvet again this week, we’ll cope.