Fashion week poll: vote on your favourite look

Fashion week poll: vote on your favourite look

In the second instalment of our Toronto fashion week poll, we present four standout looks from yesterday’s shows. Today’s contenders:

Pink Tartan 1: We’re putting two looks from Pink Tartan to the vote today. This is one of the more demure outfits (assuming non-models would wear a cami underneath that sheer blouse). We’ve been looking to add an ikat print to our wardrobe, and these trousers might be it. Pink Tartan 2: This bold chartreuse-on-chartreuse combo is growing on us. Both pieces would work on their own for a colour pop, and we’d applaud anyone who wore them together. Line: We’d guess that only a select number of people would look good in this body-con crocheted dress. Regardless, it’s a stunner. Alexander Berardi: Sequined harem pants. We’re not convinced those words should go together.


(Images: Pink Tartan and Line by Jenna Marie Wakani, Alexander Berardi by George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty Images.)


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