The ultimate gear, gadgets and accessories for a good night’s sleep

The ultimate gear, gadgets and accessories for a good night’s sleep

1The Tranquility Pod looks like an Arne Jacobson chair as reimagined by Gene Roddenberry. Inside, there’s a memory foam–topped waterbed, colour-changing LED lights, and a speaker system that pulses music through the chamber, all designed to create a womb-like zen state. $30,000.

2The Gravity blanket, stuffed with tiny beads and as heavy as a toddler, is inspired by the semi-scientific notion that a weighted sleep cover—up to 12 per cent of the snoozer’s body weight—will help ease anxiety and raise serotonin levels. If all else fails, it still works as a super-toasty winter duvet. $279.

3Designed for those dreary dead-of-winter mornings, Philips’ wake-up light mimics a natural sunrise and helps SAD-afflicted snoozers wrench their way out of bed. $190.

4Marpac’s portable, pocket-size white noise machine is ideally suited for travel, with three soothing settings—bright white noise, deep white noise, gentle surf—to block out roaring airplane engines and rowdy hotel neighbours. $50.

5A drag from Whiffcraft’s bedtime vape pen releases a mist of lavender, chamomile and kava essential oils, lulling users into a fragrant slumber. $27.

6Lush’s Sleepy lotion, a purple whip of cocoa butter, lavender and almond oil, is designed to calm the senses and hydrate skin overnight. $10.

7This glossy silk eye mask looks like something Doris Day would wear to seduce Rock Hudson—and it’s pretty enough to wear during a 20-minute cat nap on the GO. $45.

8Melatonin gummies reset the body’s circadian rhythms, helping you fall asleep no matter how many weird naps or late nights have disrupted your routine. Bonus: they taste like passion fruit jujubes. $10.

9One side of the futuristic Dreampad pillow is a memory foam pad molded the contours of your head and neck. The other is embedded with Bluetooth technology that plays lullabies—or ocean sounds, or Enya—through the fibres of the cushion. $199. 

10At best, jasmine and chamomile are natural sedatives; at worst, they make your bedroom smell like a garden. The naturalists at Saje Wellness recommend rolling this serum on your pulse points, jawline and the soles of your feet to reduce insomnia. $27.

11Kim Kardashian is a fan of Dirty Lemon’s sleep lemonade (yes, that’s a thing) brewed with magnesium, rose water and chamomile to encourage drowsiness. $45 for six bottles.

12Trust the Swedes to create the world’s comfiest earplugs. Happy Ears are moldable, secure and proven to reduce volumes by 25 decibels, morphing nighttime clamors into soothing whispers. $15.

13This cushy mat tucks under your sheets and tracks a sleep lab’s worth of data, including snoring, sleep cycles and heart rate, then generates suggestions for how to improve your sleep environment and routines. $132.

14Anyone who’s ever fallen asleep to a blissfully sopiforic podcast will appreciate Bedphones. They’re padded, lightweight and wireless—the ideal way to doze off with Ira Glass in your ear. $132.

15British designer Olivia von Halle makes cooling silk pajamas in jewelled colours and quirky prints—think lobsters, flamingos and zebras. $600.