“Social sphere” helmets are designed to filter out bar noise

"Social sphere" helmets are designed to filter out bar noise

Denizens of Toronto’s notoriously loud bar scene (we’re looking at you, Duggan’s) may find one-on-one verbal interaction a bit more feasible with a new, slightly unconventional device that filters out background noise. Scottish design student Elaine McLuskey is the innovator behind “social spheres,” which are worn like space helmets by people who want to have a civilized conversation despite high decibels of music or background chatter.

The logistical problems of the far-from-invasive invention appear to be exactly zero. Style? We’re pretty much in the future now, so it’s about time we started wearing sci-fi-looking things anyway. Portability? Not a problem with one of these. Functionality? The spheres apparently cut out most ambient noise. So no, we cannot think of one way to fault this design.

We would also like to note that user comments have now been rendered superfluous, because with one of these puppies, we can hear everything our readers are thinking.

Drinking like a goldfish: How the ‘social sphere’ will help you hear what friends are saying down the pub [Daily Mail]Giant speech bubble bid to combat pub noise [BBC]


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