Inside Kroft, a new bespoke furniture showroom at Avenue and Davenport

By Jean Grant| Photography by Kayla Rocca
Inside Kroft, a new bespoke furniture showroom at Avenue and Davenport

Avenue and Davenport has a new destination for impeccably crafted custom furniture that will fit beautifully in tight condo spaces or renovated semis. Kroft officially launched at the Interior Design Show last year, and its mid-century linoleum-accented credenzas and dressers flew off the shelves. Founder Dustin Kroft sources all his materials—mostly ash, oak, walnut and maple—from local lumberyards, and produces every piece using specialized small-batch machinery with his three-person team in Concord. “We spend a ton of time on the details,” says Kroft. “Some of which you can’t even really see, like a subtly rounded reveal under a tabletop.”

The brand’s new appointment-only showroom, with bleached ash flooring and tons of natural light, is as pristine as the products on display. The team exposed the entire back wall of windows during the renovation process:


Everything is made-to-order in six to eight weeks (or often sooner). A dining room table like this one, for instance, takes about an entire week of solid work. This piece starts at $3,700, and is crafted from walnut:


Kroft designed and built most of the showroom decor, like this cute shelving system, himself:


Other homey pieces are from his personal collection. “Other than building furniture, my main hobby is collecting books that I never read,” he says:


The brand is launching a line of chairs at the upcoming Interior Design Show in January, but right now, all the chairs on display are from designers like Carl Hansen (you may recognize his iconic wishbone chairs). The showroom also doubles as a workspace for Kroft; his desk, seen here, is one of his $4,100 dining room tables made from ash, oak and walnut:


Kroft wants to continue to stage the space like an actual home, so visitors can see how the pieces fit in with furniture and accessories from other designers. The apron and cutting boards dangling from the coat hooks are a good start (they’re not for sale, but here’s a piece of real-life design inspo):


This clothes rack is perfect for anyone looking for something a few steps above IKEA rollers. They can be seen in action at the Kotn pop-up on Ossington:


The desk is a piece from their inaugural collection. It’s no longer part of Kroft’s catalogue, though fans can still request it to be built:


160 Pears Ave, Suite 312, 416-928-5959,


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