Where to Buy Now 2015: twelve Toronto neighbourhoods for buyers of all budgets

Where to Buy Now 2015: twelve Toronto neighbourhoods for buyers of all budgets

Anyone considering a home purchase in Toronto knows the feeling: the panicky vertigo that sets in whenever prices hit a new high. But you can still get some serious bang for your budget in this city. Sufferers of real estate anxiety: here is your Xanax


Getting In

Disgruntled renters, rejoice. A dream home for under $500,000 can be yours in these neighbourhoods, whether it’s a detached three-bedroom in a rapidly transforming section of the city or a waterfront condo in downtown’s newest nook

Birch Cliff

West Don Lands


Trading Up

So you’ve outgrown your starter home and want to put your equity toward something bigger, closer to a subway line or both. These thriving neighbourhoods boast great housing stock, and, for the most part, prices haven’t breached that forbidding seven-figure mark—yet

Wallace Emerson

Mount Pleasant East

Woodbine Heights

Trading Way Up

In these high-demand neighbourhoods, $1 million doesn’t necessarily guarantee home-seekers a detached house. But for many buyers, that’s a small price to pay for easy access to eclectic local retail, great restaurants and vibrant nightlife


Seaton Village

Downtown Core

Money’s No Object

Won the lottery? Got promoted to CEO? Received an obscenely large inheritance from a distant relative? Back up the Brinks truck and dump your cash bags in these perennially posh neighbourhoods, where the houses require grounds crews and Downton Abbey feels like a documentary