Before and After: How this 1980s Yorkville condo transformed into a modern $3.9-million property

Before and After: How this 1980s Yorkville condo transformed into a modern $3.9-million property

Goodbye vintage decor, cramped rooms and old appliances. Hello contemporary design, airy spaces and an extra $600,000 to the listing price

Neighbourhood: Yorkville
Estimated value pre-renovation: $3,300,000
Listed for: $3,898,000

The place

In the summer of 2020, realtor Christian Vermast purchased this three-bed-plus-two-den, three-bath condo in Yorkville from an off-market estate sale. The previous owner had lived there since 1984, and the unit hadn’t been updated. Vermast wanted to create a sophisticated “Park Avenue–style apartment” with dramatic spaces to entertain. As part of the renovation, he planned to remove two solariums and a bedroom for a larger living and dining space. Construction began shortly after he took possession, but with lockdowns and supply-chain delays, it took 14 months to complete the project. He and his partner are now selling the unit to purchase a house together.

The kitchen

Previously, the kitchen sat between a dining room and that breakfast nook by the window.

Vermast removed the island for space and added features from manufacturer Poliform. The kitchen was also expanded into the old dining room to make way for an induction cooktop, a pull-out pantry made of black elm and a wine fridge. The countertops and backsplash are Spanish porcelain.

The family room

Here’s what that breakfast nook just beyond the kitchen used to look like.

It now acts as the unit’s family room, with a wall-mounted television and pot lighting.

Here’s the reverse view of the new family room and kitchen. Instead of a full-size island, there’s a peninsula that seats two. The revamped living and dining area is off to the right.

The living and dining room

The original living area was long and narrow, with vintage wallpaper throughout.

Here’s a reverse view of the living room, looking back at the front entrance.

With the solarium and bedroom now removed, there’s plenty of space to breathe—and entertain. That dining table was purchased from Kiosk Design, and the couch is from Poliform.

Here’s another view of the upgraded main space. Vermast wanted the new condo to showcase his art collection, which is accented by track lights.

The main bedroom

These pre-reno quarters had an attached solarium.

By eliminating the glass box, Vermast created a larger bedroom with space for a desk with a view. There’s built-in storage, again by Poliform, made of black elm. And the four-poster bed, made in Italy, is by Kiosk Design.

Also in the bedroom is a new walk-in closet, which has been expanded into the old hallway, doubling its size.

The ensuite bathroom

This space originally came with a huge square jacuzzi tub. The previous owner removed it to create a wheelchair-accessible (if charmless) shower.

Here’s a reverse shot of the old ensuite with its vanity and bidet.

Vermast expanded the bathroom five feet into the main bedroom to make room for a soaker tub. In case you were wondering, that window is made of privacy glass that frosts with the touch of a button.

The ensuite now has a double vanity, a walk-in shower, heated floors, a wall-hung toilet and marble everywhere.

The second bedroom

Here’s the original in all its popcorn-ceilinged glory.

This bedroom had its own solarium too, with the same retro ceramic tiling.

The second bedroom’s revitalized layout trades the solarium for a home office. For maximum comfort, both of the unit’s bedrooms operate as separate HVAC zones from the rest of the property.

The second bathroom

There wasn’t much going on in the former second bathroom, save for some more funky wallpaper.

Post-reno, it now has a full glass walk-in shower with marble tiling. The walls and heated floor are made from Italian porcelain.

The powder room

Here’s the former incarnation, tucked away by the front door.

The new space—moody and dramatic—is perhaps the home’s greatest improvement. It has a wood accent wall as well as a custom vanity, floors and walls all layered with striking black marble.