Preparing your child for the careers of the future

Preparing your child for the careers of the future

A school that provides the right mix of academics, co-curriculars and soft-skill development can better prepare your child for a successful career. Here’s how to find the best Independent School for your family.

Every parent strives to set their child up for success, throughout their educational career and beyond. Choosing the right school to begin that journey is a key step.

But how can you feel confident that the education your child receives today will prepare them for a career and workforce that are likely to be dramatically different than today?

A reputation for success

The answer lies beyond the traditional factors parents use to assess the right school for their child. “We know we are educating students for careers which may not exist today. That’s just the reality,” said Andrew Cross, Head of School at TMS—a leading independent school in Richmond Hill, Ontario. “Knowing that, we have built a unique program that not only focuses on strong academics but also on soft skills such as social and emotional intelligence and critical thinking which set students up to succeed in any environment.”

TMS has garnered a reputation for creating an extraordinary learning environment that cultivates those skills from the youngest learners who enter the Montessori Program as Toddlers through to students in Grades 7 to Grade 12 who are immersed in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. “These two programs, uniquely woven together, cultivate in our students a foundation of learning, skills and mindsets that isn’t found elsewhere,” says Cross.

Up to Grade 6, TMS students actively engage in a Montessori education where they drive their own learning. Using materials and processes that make abstract ideas concrete, students initiate their learning and assess their own progress. This emphasis on the autonomy and responsibility of a child produces learners who are self-reliant, independent, curious and confident.

The Montessori to International Baccalaureate pipeline

There is a natural flow between the Montessori start and the IB finish. The IB focuses on student-led inquiry, a balanced academic program and active citizenship. IB learners develop traits and skills essential for success in a complex and interconnected world, such as creative problem-solving, open-mindedness, commitment to others and the ability to acknowledge multiple perspectives.

Several threads weave across the entire TMS journey as evidenced by the connection between some of the Montessori Learner Traits and the IB Approaches to Learning (ATLs). Most significant is the focus on independence, leadership, critical thinking and collaboration.

“The building of these traits develops confidence in TMS students as they take risks, try new things and consider the impact of their actions on the larger community,” says Cross. “These are traits that we know are becoming critical to the success of leaders in a workforce that will become increasingly automated, as employers look for individuals who can navigate change and bring agility and flexibility to their fields.”

Leadership building

TMS has also taken intentional steps to ensure that its students develop three key mindsets during their time at the school: positivity, resilience and entrepreneurial thinking. These mindsets help to build learners and leaders who look for joy in all they do, find ways to creatively problem solve and collaborate with their peers, exploring situations through different lenses.

“TMS students are actively engaged in shaping the world around them. We believe we have a role in equipping them with a strong foundation to thrive in their future lives so they feel confident and able to succeed in new situations. That shouldn’t be overlooked when parents ask, ‘Will this school set my child up for success in the future?’ The landscape of work is changing day-to-day but we feel confident at TMS that our students will leave well-rounded and prepared to take on whatever challenges they face.”

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