Can I unfriend my Trump-supporting cousin on Facebook?

Can I unfriend my Trump-supporting cousin on Facebook?

Dear Urban Diplomat,

My American cousin is a rabid Trump supporter. Almost every morning, I wake up to another one of his pro-Donald, anti-immigrant tirades on Facebook. My wife, who was born in Sudan, is also his Facebook friend, and a few of his rants have really upset her. We’d unfriend the guy, but we don’t want to stir up any family drama: we’ll see him at a wedding this summer and every Christmas until the end of time. What should we do?

—Donald Ducking, Port Union

Thankfully, Facebook figured out long ago that you’re not going to be interested in each and every baby picture/cat video/political diatribe posted by your 600 friends. If you don’t want to unfriend this wannabe Breitbart correspondent, you and your wife can simply unfollow his posts, and they’ll stop appearing in your feed—no public display of disaffection necessary. But you’re not likely to get through four years of holiday fam jams without butting heads with your cousin, so be prepared to be the Bernie to his Bannon if it comes down to it.

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