How do I deal with cyclists who hate it when I park my delivery truck in bike lanes?

Dear Urban Diplomat,

I’m a delivery driver who makes a lot of stops at small shops across the city. Most trips go off without a hitch, but, on some streets, I’m forced to block a bike lane while I run in for five minutes. I know, I’m that guy—but the boxes I’m dropping off are heavy, and if I had to find an actual parking space each time, I’d never get all my deliveries done. How do I deal with the foul-mouthed, bell-happy cyclists who shout in my face and pound the side of my van?

Vicious Cycle, Cabbagetown

We both know there’s no secret trick to fending off the wrath of two-wheeled warriors—especially when they’re right. Your parking isn’t just irksome; it’s against the law. It’s sheer dumb luck if you haven’t been ticketed yet. Sooner or later, you’ll get slapped with a $150 fine—which might not be a bad thing. Show the ticket to your boss as proof that you need a better dolly or a delivery partner. Sob stories about swearing cyclists might not sway the brass to invest in a solution, but the bottom line will.

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