Dear Urban Diplomat: Can I yell at parents for letting their kids block my view at concerts?

I recently splurged on floor seats for the Adele concert at the ACC. The show was great, and the crowd was on their feet the whole night, but the couple in front of us let their tween-age daughter stand on one of their seats. With the boost, she was a few inches over six feet—taller than me, even in heels—and completely blocked my view. I said something to the parents, which started a big argument. The whole thing ended up ruining the concert for me. Was I wrong to complain?

—Pop Blocked, North York

I get it: you dropped a couple hundred bucks for premium seats, you thought you’d have a perfect view of the stage—you felt like you could have had it all. Then a primary schooler snatched that away from you. If she were perched on her dad’s shoulders, you would have been right to gripe. But at six feet and change, she was no different than a tall fan—and you wouldn’t ask a hulking, 250-pound Adele-loving bro to crouch for you. Besides, it sounds like what really ruined the show wasn’t the obstruction but the bickering. Next time, shift a few inches over and bottle up those emotions for later. There’s nothing more Adele than that.

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