Toronto’s most adorable animal rescues

With spring being sprung, Toronto has experienced a cuteness surge in the form of baby animals: High Park’s famous capybara couple Bonnie and Clyde became the proud parents of capy-baby triplets, Riverdale Farm now boasts a trio of baby lambs and the zoo’s population grew by 10 (three snow leopards, two clouded leopards, five cheetahs). The city’s non-captive wildlife has also been busy having babies, but a few have gotten themselves into some sticky situations resulting in adorable interventions. Here, three of the cutest rescues so far.

Oh, deer

  Doe, a deer, a female deer (and her buck) were locked in the enclosure of an abandoned Scarborough mall for almost three whole days. Shortly after becoming trapped, the female deer gave (a possibly stress-induced) birth to a fawn. Toronto Wildlife Centre staff visited the new family, assessed that the baby was healthy and its dad (who was hit while crossing the road earlier) was only slightly injured. The team later lead the new family to a nearby ravine.  

Cryin’ goslings
Toronto's most adorable animal rescues
Photo by scadoosher/reddit

A family of geese wandered onto the westbound lanes of the Gardiner near Kipling, effectively shutting down the highway during the morning rush hour of all times. (Maybe all of the honking attracted them.) With the help of police escorts, the flabbergasted flock slowly made their way from the express lanes to the collectors, and eventually, to something grassier.  

Duck, duck... sewer

Meanwhile, in North York, three ducklings fell down a sewer grate, sending their freaked-out mom into a flap. A bystander overheard the eldest duck’s cries and called for help. Toronto Fire scooped the fuzzy babies out of the sewer and sent them running back into the safety of their mama’s wings.


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