A Skeptic’s Guide to Self-Care

Mindfulness over breakfast, yoga in the classroom, meditation on the TTC: self-care is everywhere. Our definitive guide to what’s out there and how to get the most out of it

Man. It’s crazy out there. Deadlines. Bills. Layoffs. Congestion, both road and nasal. That nosy neighbour, texting driver, pushy relative. Angry bosses. Angry employees. Social media. Too much government, yet not enough. A crumbling world order. NORTH KOREA. Okay, listen. We get it. Life has never been more hectic, imperilled or overwhelming. But don’t give up. Toronto, it turns out, is home to as many solutions as causes for your stressed-out existence. In the pieces listed below, we explore the best of those Zen-centric offerings. So whatever your thing is or could be—meditation, yoga, extreme fitness, superfood bingeing or something else—you’ll find it here. We can’t promise world peace. But a little inner calm isn’t a bad first step.

A Skeptic’s Guide to Self-Care

Part 1: Golden Getaways
Spas for quieting the mind, calibrating the qi and pampering the body

Part 2: Child’s Pose
Toronto’s chillest kindergartners strike a pose

Part 3: Superfoods That Don’t Suck
Twenty things that taste as good as they are

Part 4: Silent Meditation
What it’s like to go mute for 10 days: a memoir

Part 5: Feel Good, Look Better
Luxe gear to get zen in style

Part 6: Run for Your Life
Six endurance events for endorphin-chasing masochists