Feel Good, Look Better

Luxe gear to get Zen in style


Light up your life

This rosemary- and peppermint-scented Recharge candle from Woodlot claims to help with stress and fatigue. Its gorgeous woodsy smell (with 40 hours of burn life) makes it a worthwhile purchase either way. $26. ­shopwoodlot.com.


Chakra and awe

Vancouver flower children Matt Bateman and Ashley Wray started selling glam chakra necklaces after an eat-pray-love pilgrimage to Bali. The beads function like new-age rosaries: meditators use them to count out mantras. $168. malacollective.com.


Fitbit glam

The Fitbit gets a cosmetic upgrade when inserted into this Bangle, a thoroughly covetable 22-karat-gold-plated blingcessory. $130chapters-indigo.ca.


Next-gen clean

Toronto soapmeister Karen Kim makes inky cleansing bricks inspired by female Korean shamans. This one combines lavender, cedarwood, sage and charcoal, which is said to be a powerful detoxifier. $23. binu-binu.com.


Smooth operator

Kypris’s beauty elixir contains the essence of 1,000 roses collected at sunrise in a Bulgarian meadow (because of course), along with black raspberry seed, pomegranate and baobab oils, all designed to zap blemishes and nourish dry skin. $315. Jacob and Sebastian, 622 Queen St. W., 647-345-0478.


Wrist candy

The Misfit Vapor is an elegant, water-resistant watch tricked out with every frill imaginable: gyroscope, accelerometer, altimeter, GPS and heart-rate sensors, plus its own music system for blasting Rihanna on those long weekend runs. $267. misfit.com.


Oil boom

Vitruvi’s sculptural diffuser transforms essential oils into billows of scented steam, making any room feel as relaxing as an opium den. This one is beloved by Gwyneth Paltrow, the high priestess of self-care. $119. vitruvi.com.


Track your shack

The Netatmo Healthy HomeCoach is like a Fitbit for your house: it has four sensors that measure humidity, air quality, temperature and noise pollution to calibrate the optimal habitat for your family. (The sleek rose-gold column looks great on a coffee table, too.) $120. ­bestbuy.ca.


Make scents

Lavender is widely believed to reduce anxiety, restlessness and insomnia—making this sweet silk eye pillow the perfect accessory for bedtime meditation. $44. Ardith, 373 Roncesvalles Ave., 416-878-7088.


Cure what ails you

Crystal healers believe that gemstones, like this hunk of Madagascan chalcedony from Toronto’s Hilda ­Naccarato, can cure just about anything. Naccarato claims this one fosters benevolence, enthusiasm, mental flexibility and verbal dexterity. At the very least, it’s a funky centrepiece. $908. etsy.com.



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