How to up your pillow game for a better night’s rest

How to up your pillow game for a better night’s rest

Master the art of zzz’s with a pillow customized just for you

Do you toss and turn at night, dreading the sound of the alarm? You’re not alone. Only 16 per cent of Canadians say they sleep soundly seven nights a week, and a third report less than three. Luckily, there’s a way to help alleviate nighttime restlessness—a plush pillow upgrade.

Pillow power 

A pillow is so much more than a place to rest your head. Studies show the correct firmness and support for your head is critical for a toss-free night. Though a quality mattress is important for proper sleep, the right pillow can help prevent back, neck and shoulder aches and can even improve your overall health and mobility. 

A young woman with brown hair sits on a bed hugging a white memory foam pillow.

If your pillow’s fill, contour, height and ability to control heat aren’t right for you, your sleep can be negatively impacted. For side sleepers, one that’s too soft won’t provide enough neck support, causing you to extend uncomfortably sideways. Stomach sleepers hyperextend the neck backwards, so a firm pillow exaggerates this position further. Similarly, sleeping on your back with too much support pushes the neck awkwardly forward.

Transform your sleep

The key to a restful night starts at the head of the bed. No matter what your sleep position, the Polysleep Pillow can help eliminate tension with its four layers of high-quality adjustable memory foam, so you can find the perfect mix of comfort and support. Simply add or remove the hybrid-viscoelastic foam inserts into or from the zippered cover to adjust the firmness and height from two to nine inches to best suit you. 

Left: Four memory foam pillow inserts stacked vertically with a purple mesh-lined pillowcase on top. Right: A young woman with blonde hair smiles and sits on a bed hugging a white pillow.

Made from high-quality antimicrobial and latex-free materials, it protects against mould, fungi, viruses and bacteria, too. Say goodbye to flip-flopping and snuggle into its breathable, silky-smooth, 100-per-cent-cotton cover, which ensures maximum cooling throughout the night. It’s also machine washable for an easy refresh.

Customized comfort

Help ease everyone in your home, whether your children, a partner or overnight guests, into a deep slumber by adding this ultra-luxurious touch to your beds. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness, as they can easily customize their pillow to improve the length and calibre of their rest. 

Adequate sleep is shown to improve mental cognition, vitality and mood, reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, strengthen the immune system, improve problem-solving skills, enhance memory performance and help with managing weight. In addition, a well-adjusted pillow helps alleviate pressure on joints and the spine, reducing the risk of cervical injuries and making it easier to move and exercise. 

A young woman with brown hair drinks a cappuccino while lounging on a white bed.

Still uncertain? Just ask the plethora of grateful, satisfied sleepers contributing to the Polysleep Pillow’s impressive rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. “What can I say? It’s perfect—the perfect thickness and the perfect softness. It’s now my favourite pillow! So comfortable,” says Neoma S. “It’s incredible. You can actually choose the thickness. It’s like I have five pillows in one. I’ve changed many pillows. This one is a keeper,” says Francesco L.

A female with her eyes closed and hand against her face lies sideways on a white pillow.