What people are saying about the Elmvale Jungle Zoo lemur heist

What people are saying about the Elmvale Jungle Zoo lemur heist

Last week, three animals were stolen from the Elmvale Jungle Zoo, located north of Barrie and east of Wasaga Beach. JC the lemur has already been found, in a cage on the side of the road in Quebec, and he’s now recovering with a nearby veterinarian. Stanley the tortoise and Agnes the gibbon are still at large, but maybe not for much longer: a 21-year old from Ottawa and a 20-year old from Mount Albert have been arrested in connection with the case. Twitter has been understandably transfixed by the cute-animal caper. Here’s what people are saying.

A local public school sent “positive vibes” for the animals’ safe return:

Another school had kids send letters to the thieves. One says, “If you want money, just go to the bank or just get a job.”

Just one week earlier, the zoo was experiencing better times, with lineups to see some of the other animals on display (including this adorable tiger cub):

Using them wisely how? To make We Bought a Zoo Two: Electric Boogaloo?

A bad thing can’t happen in 2018 without someone starting a GoFundMe. The page has raised over $500:

Actually, perfect animal names are always alliterative. Gertie the gibbon, Terry the tortoise, etc:

The alleged thieves have been charged with theft over $5,000—which means a maximum of 10 years jail time (though they’ll probably get off with lighter sentences):