Some of the Internet’s worst attempts at the Shawn Mendes workout challenge

This past weekend, Pickering-bred crooner Shawn Mendes shared a snippet of his workout routine with his fans. The physics of the move—a variation on a jump squat that starts from the knees—seemed to baffle some viewers. Naturally, Twitter and Instagram users set out to see if the maneuver really is as easy as Mendes makes it look. The results were hilariously bad.

Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

Some people didn’t make it off the ground:


This fan had some commitment issues:

We’re not entirely sure what’s going on here:

This fan claims to have broken her toe:

There were a few other injuries:

This fan added some flailing arm movements:


This definitely isn’t right:

Nope, still not right:

This one looked painful:

Even a prayer couldn’t help this fan:

A fan account issued a word of caution to the Mendes fitness enthusiasts:


The parents didn’t get it:

Pillows didn’t help, either:

But there were a select few who actually got it right:


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