Inside Rock-It Promotions’ mod office, with baby Yeezy Boosts and a dog squad

Inside Rock-It Promotions’ mod office, with baby Yeezy Boosts and a dog squad


What: PR firm Rock-It Promotions‘ downtown office
Where: The sixth floor of an office building at Richmond and Spadina
How big: 3,840 square feet for 24 people

Rock-It’s relatively small team reps some big-name brands (Adidas, Toms, Casper, Etsy) and is behind some of the city’s coolest events and parties. Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski founded the shop in 2000, and they recently completed their third move, just two floors up from their previous office. They gutted the space, which is double the size of their old digs, and brought in interior designer Ali Budd to revamp it. Budd got the staff to put together a Pinterest board of inspirational decor ideas, and worked from their collective aesthetic, which involved a minimalist black-and-white colour scheme with occasional pops of vibrant colour and lots of lush greenery.

Budd sourced the bold carpets from Elte:


The rooms have names like Connect, Create and Covet. In Create, the red table has special meaning: it was custom-made for their first-ever office, and Goldblatt-Sadowski painted it red as an ode to her late mother, who believed in the colour’s good-luck power. “Even though it doesn’t fit with the colour scheme, it reminds me of my roots,” she says:


In Covet, the showroom, the team displays the latest goods from their clients. A marble island in the centre is easily transformed into a bar for parties. “I wanted a place in which I could entertain as if it were my home,” says Goldblatt-Sadowski:


Triarchy sources vintage denim jackets and then reconstructs them in Los Angeles: _02A1845

The new space is the first in which Goldblatt-Sadowski has had her own office. (It’s called “Chief.”) The fuchsia chairs were Budd’s idea, and Goldblatt-Sadowski loves them: “They feel so rock-and-roll yet feminine.”


Goldblatt-Sadowski’s friend Lucia Remedios, owner of the west-end Analogue Gallery, helped her choose the art behind her desk. It’s a photo of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page chugging from a bottle of Jack Daniels. It’s meant to be an homage to her partying past, and how her life changed after she got married.


In an industry with traditionally high turnover, Rock-It has a surprising number of staff who’ve been on board for ages. Goldblatt-Sadowski (pictured below) says it’s because they’re a pleasant, happy group. “I have a no-mean-girls policy,” she says.


Instead of free snacks or beer, Goldblatt-Sadowski realized her staff care more about work-life balance. Now, they can work from home whenever they feel like it:


This meeting room is called Connect, and features a collage of framed patterns from Queen West’s Japanese Paper House:


Storage closets are bursting at the seams with product, including these hard-to-find baby Yeezy Boosts:


Makinson’s puppy, Blondie, is in the office almost every day. She’s practically famous:


There are so many office dogs that they even have their own hashtag, #rockitpromopups: