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What went down at the TL.talent workshop with Saad Siddiqui, CEO and Founder of Bonsai

Bonsai is a Toronto-based company leading the market shift to content-driven commerce. Having partnered with some of the world’s largest publishers–Bonsai allows users to complete transactions natively within the content that’s inspiring them to buy. On August 13, Bonsai Founder and CEO, Saad Siddiqui, joined TL Insider for a virtual TL.talent workshop where he discussed in detail the future of digital marketing and commerce. 

Saad spoke to the benefits of operating an e-commerce store online, and shared with members some personal tips to get started. To fully understand the ways e-commerce is operating currently in the marketplace, Saad made it a priority to shine light on shifts changing the digital experience for users everywhere. From Google’s integration as a vendor, to the expansion of Shopify–the digital marketplace is an entirely new playing-field than it was only a short number of years ago. Today, businesses are interacting directly with consumers, Instagram storefronts are an example of how e-commerce shifts have encouraged businesses to remove the “middle man” and deal with customers directly. Saad emphasized the positive impact this has on commission growth.

During a Q&A in the latter half of the workshop, Saad answered questions from members on the future of retail and how businesses can stand out in a crowded internet marketplace. Watch the full event here, and learn more about Bonsai at

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