What went down at our virtual ragu alla bolognese cooking class with chef Lauren Mozer

What went down at our virtual ragu alla bolognese cooking class with chef Lauren Mozer

Lauren Mozer, founder and executive chef of Toronto catering company elle cuisine, joined TL Insider on January 21 for a virtual cooking class. There’s something special about Mozer’s approach to instructive cooking, from technique down to plating and garnish—she guarantees a top-tier meal. This month, members tuned in to a step-by-step guide on how to prepare ragu alla bolognese with homemade tagliatelle. 

Whisks were put to work as Mozer led members through the sautée and caramelization stage of her lamb-and-beef-based ragu. Along with everything needed to make the homemade pasta, ingredients for this rich and chunky sauce were delivered to members’ front doors prior to the event. 

Throughout the virtual livestream, Mozer shared industry tips like the benefit of seasoning as you go, how searing your meat optimizes flavour and how to properly knead pasta dough. Double-zero flour (an extra-fine grind used in Italian cooking) was used, and members rolled out the dough to shape their tagliatelle—the hardest part of the recipe, according to Mozer.

While the ragu was simmering and members put their backs into rolling the pasta, Mozer answered audience questions on all things fine dining. By the time the ragu was finished, it was time to plate. Each dish was topped with a fresh-out-of-the-oven parmesan crisp (chef’s kiss).

For small gatherings (when safe) or date nights in, Mozer’s cuisine is also available to order through elle cuisine: Stay Home Catering. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, there will be more TL Insider cooking classes with Chef Mozer to attend—stay tuned! And for those craving homemade ragu alla bolognese, watch the recorded event here to prepare this incredible recipe yourself.

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