What TL Insiders can look forward to in May

What TL Insiders can look forward to in May

Mirroring Toronto Life’s Future of Downtown cover story, TL Insider will be featuring a lineup of enterprising, forward-thinking Torontonians in part of our Future of Downtown summit. For the month of May, this will include engaging and thought-provoking programming around topics on politics, finance, transportation, food and more. Members will have the opportunity to engage with city-builders and leaders at the top of their games in a series that will offer a distinctive glimpse of Toronto’s future, post-pandemic. Here’s a closer look at what to anticipate in the weeks to come. 

Sports Culture in the 6ix with Jacie DeHoop

Jacie DeHoop, co-founder and head of partnerships and revenue at the GIST, will be joining TL Insider for a virtual Fireside Chat on May 4. Having launched the sports media start-up in 2017, Jacie will discuss her experience in the industry over the years as well as what she sees in the future of Toronto’s biggest sports teams. 

Building Black Power with Rodney Diverlus

Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Canada, Rodney Diverlus will be the keynote speaker in an exclusive TL Insider event on May 5. An author and prominent activist in the city of Toronto, Diverlus will be bringing his perspective to an in-depth discussion on building Black power and permanence in our communities and institutions, and in the infrastructure of our city.

The Future of Tourism with Airbnb Canada

While we’re lucky to call this city home, visitors from around the world travel to Toronto in the spirit of globe-trotting every year—27 million to be exact. In anticipation of a post-pandemic boom in the city’s tourism industry, TL Insider will welcome Airbnb’s Nathan Rotman on May 11 for a virtual Fireside Chat on the future of tourism.

A Masterclass to Future-Proof Your Communication Skills

Join TL Insider on May 12 for an interactive TL Masterclass on communication. Led by Bob Ramsay, writer and communications consultant behind Ramsay Inc., the virtual event will address the ins and outs of acquiring the most important skill to have post-Covid-19.

A Signature Garden Brunch with elle cuisine

Transform your home into the hottest brunch spot in the city with TL Insider this May 16. Hosting a virtual floral design class will be Rachel A. Clingen of Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design, paired with a garden brunch cooking class hosted by chef Lauren Mozer of elle cuisine. Make it a fun and engaging mother’s day gift with meal kits available to order—including drinks by Stel & Mar & Good Sunday!

Understanding Canada’s Financial Future

After witnessing the economic disruptions caused by the pandemic, more Canadians are curious about investing in their financial wellness. With that being said, information is power. Join Rajan Bansi, head of RBC InvestEase, and Tom Lombardi, managing director at 3iQ, for an informative Fireside Chat and interactive Q&A on May 18. The two will discuss the status of finance in Canada and how to proactively invest for the future. 

The Comeback of Toronto with Greybrook Capital

On May 18, TL Insider will welcome Sasha Cucuz, partner at Greybrook Capital for a vital conversation on the future of city life and the comeback of The 6ix. Including information on Greybook’s recent partnership with Delos, which aims to ensure that going back to work is done as safely as possible. For those who’ve witnessed the evolution of our city’s skyline, this Fireside Chat with one of the country’s top developers is not one to miss. 

The Future of Transit with Fenton Jagdeo

Fenton Jagdeo is the youngest-ever Commissioner of the TTC and a leader in the city’s urban mobility and public transit sector. On May 19, Fenton will discuss with TL Insider evolving transit needs and what the future of downtown Toronto means for the TTC.

TL Insider x Canadian Business Talk Health Care Innovation

Health care accessibility (and inaccessibility) is more apparent now than ever before. TL Insider will welcome Luke Vigeant, co-founder and president of Inkblot, on May 20 for a candid conversation on the future of health care, and the role of telehealth in driving health care innovation in Canada.

A Fireside Chat with Marc Ouayoun, president and CEO of Porsche Canada

From self-driving cars to green tech, the automotive industry is undergoing a radical transformation. Join TL Insider on May 25 for a conversation about what’s next for the automotive industry, and how the future will radically transform how we plan and build cities in years to come. 

To access this virtual summit, become a TL Insider today for the special rate of $75 (reg price $95). Non-members can register for the summit for $10 here