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A Q&A with OG TL Insider Vijanti Ramlogan

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A Q&A with OG TL Insider Vijanti Ramlogan

Toronto Life Insider is a membership club that connects you to the city. With your membership, you get an upgraded subscription to Toronto Life and FASHION magazine, access to cool outdoor patio events, invitations to workshops and one-of-a-kind cooking and cocktail masterclasses with Toronto’s most interesting characters, weekly giveaways and promotions from top brands—and more.

Vijanti Ramlogan is a self-employed marketing specialist and event planner who’s honed in on helping small businesses through her work. She’s also a long-time member of TL Insider with a passion for culture and community. We caught up with Vijanti to chat about her experience as a member and the benefits she’s enjoyed most.

What attracted you to TL Insider?

For my career and personal community involvement, it’s important for me to remain in the mix. TL Insider is a great way to do just that. Direct access to so many knowledgeable leaders, unique venues and important conversations happening in the city are definitely an attractive part of membership.

How long have you been a member?

About three years now; I would consider myself an OG! I’ve been a subscriber of Toronto Life for a very long time, and hopped on the opportunity to join TL Insider as soon as the program launched.

Are there any membership perks that have surprised you?

The range of events always keeps me on my toes, but I was pleasantly surprised to win one of the contest giveaways recently. I’ll be enjoying a body treatment at Caudalie, one of the city’s best spas.


How has membership fit into your professional life?

Covid affected events considerably. Many of my retail clients were closed, which didn’t allow me to execute as much as I would have normally. So, as TL Insider went virtual, it allowed me to shift my focus toward organizing more for my meetup community group. These are women in Toronto who want to explore the city and share unique experiences. TL Insider is all about that; it was a great way to stay in the know and stay connected.

And your social life?

To put it simply, being a member is fun. I think especially with in-person events, the increased experience comes with bringing at least one friend. I love the flexibility of how some events are great with a group, while others are more intimate. Even some of the virtual workshops have been a great excuse to connect with friends and sign up together with other members.

What are some of the events you’ve recently attended?


Other than the fireside chats, which I try to attend at least once a week when I can—cooking with elle cuisine was fantastic. I had the opportunity to share this one with my family which made it feel extra special. I also attended the summer BBQ at Xango—part of the TL Insider POP series.

Which type of in-person events are you most looking forward to?

My friends and I still talk about the Toronto Cocktail Week’s opening party at Evergreen Brick Works with TL Insider from years ago. I’d love another event at that location. We’re also approaching TIFF season, and I’m so excited to see what is planned around that.

Has membership taught you anything new about the city?

Definitely, membership has given me access to a lot of hidden gems. It provides access to a wide range of industries. I’ve been introduced to start-ups that have really given me hope for our economic future here in the city. It’s also brought me into the world of so many Torontonians with an eagerness to bring life back into the city post-pandemic. Now would be an incredible time to join for those who are considering it.


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