What’s on the menu at Pizzeria Badiali, a new west-end spot inspired by New York’s classic by-the-slice joints

What’s on the menu at Pizzeria Badiali, a new west-end spot inspired by New York’s classic by-the-slice joints

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Name: Pizzeria Badiali
Contact: 181 Dovercourt Rd, @pizzeriabadiali, pizzeriabadiali.com
Neighbourhood: Beaconsfield Village
Owners: Ryan Baddeley, Owen Walker, Nick Halligan
Chef: Ryan Baddeley
Seating: 12 patio seats, 8 counter seats indoors
COVID-19 safety measures: Strict mask policy for staff and patrons, frequent sanitization
Accessibility: Not accessible

The food

Inspired by old-school New York slice shops, Pizzeria Badiali serves big slices with a light, airy crust and simple but finessed toppings. That crust—made with a blend of 00 and bread flour—is fermented for two days for flavour and springy texture. Most of the pies are red, where raw sauce made from California tomatoes and aromatic-infused olive oil lends fruity brightness. Whole pizzas are 16-inch wheels, but if you order by the slice, they’re cut from 19-inch jumbo pies and can be paired with dipping sauce—a creamy garlic mayo with minced pepperoncini is a house favourite. A few salads—a loaded chopped salad with Genoa salami and a classic Caesar—round out the menu.

Here we have a slice of Margherita (left) nestled next to the Original Cheese. Both have a blend of pecorino and grana padano; the Margherita also gets creamy fior di latte, while stretchy whole milk mozzarella tops the OG. Raw California tomato sauce—it only cooks as long as the pizza does—gives the slices a serious hit of freshness.


Here’s Badiali’s take on a Hawaiian pizza. The Capicola and Pineapple pie is topped with mozzarella, red onion, and calabrian chili.


The menu’s lone white pizza is the earthy, creamy Mushroom Bianco adorned with caramelized onions, portobellos, and a four-cheese blend: whole milk mozzarella, ricotta, pecorino, and grana padano. We’re sure we don’t have to tell you how well caramelized onions play with bubbly, golden cheese.


The Mushroom Bianco getting a grana padano shower. The best kind, really.


On the right, a chopped salad ($14) with arugula, radicchio, romaine, Genoa salami, pepperoncini, cherry tomatoes, shallots, olives, and artichoke hearts. (Because more is more, despite what they say). On the left, a Caesar Supreme ($12) with romaine, focaccia croutons, white anchovy and grana padano.
The drinks

There are three varieties of Brio—blood orange, lemon, bitter orange—along with Coke, fruit punch, and Crush root beer and cream soda. Still or sparkling water is also on offer.

A trio of Brio, and friends.
The space

Right on the corner of Dovercourt and Argyle, this spot has fun neighbourhood-slice-shop vibes. The interior is bright and airy with high ceilings, hardwood floors, and an open kitchen where you can watch all the magic happen. Indoors, you’ll find eight counter seats; outside, a six-table patio. And since it’s right next door to Tutto Gelato, this is the ideal stop to satisfy your pizza and ice cream cravings—mighty convenient, since they often strike at once.

An open kitchen means you get to watch the action—in this case, it’s Baddeley pulling some hot, hefty slices from the oven.


Every old-school slice shop needs an analog radio.


Left to right, Mike Cafagna, Ryan Baddeley, Ali Sharifi Nasr and Rolando Argueta.


We’re all tired of takeout after more than a year of it, but there’s always an exception for pizza.