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What beers Toronto brewers are drinking in isolation—and how you can have them delivered

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15 breweries, wineries and distilleries offering delivery for house-bound happy hours
Food & Drink

15 breweries, wineries and distilleries offering delivery for house-bound happy hours

To fuel at-home happy hours and virtual gatherings, craft breweries across the province are offering contact-free delivery (a full list is available here). But what are the city’s alcohol authorities drinking during quarantine? We asked Toronto brewers and brewery owners what they are sipping on in self-isolation—from their own brewery and from others.

Matt Park, co-owner of Burdock Brewery

Burdock’s Sunkoop Biere-de-Coupage, 5.2% “What I’m drinking right now —literally right now, I’m drinking it and writing tasting notes—is a new beer we just released called Sunkoop. It’s a bière-de-coupage which is a blend of old barrel-aged beers and fresh dry-hopped ones. It’s a cool style of beer that allows you to have the best of both worlds—it’s got acidity, a little bit of funk and some really beautifully hop aromatics.” Get Burdock’s beer delivered to your home.

Bellwoods Brewery’s Jutsu Pale Ale, 5.6% “I drank a Jutsu from Bellwoods last night and I freakin’ loved it. They are so good at making hoppy pale ales, and Jutsu is electric! The fact that it’s available at the LCBO now is a public service that we should all rejoice.” Get Bellwoods’ beer delivered to your home.


Luc Bim Lafontaine, brewmaster and founder of Godspeed Brewery

Godspeed’s Kurō Nitro Dry Stout, 4.3% “This is a remake of our first-ever Godspeed-brewed beer. It’s got a lot of memories attached to it. Kurō means ‘struggle’ in Japanese—so now is the perfect time for it to be re-released and drank, especially in this chilly weather. The nitrogen version has a fun silken twist to it.” Get Godspeed’s beer delivered to your home.

Left Field Brewery’s Eephus American Brown Ale, 5.5% “This has been one of my overall favourite Ontario beers! It’s always great and consistent; a well-crafted, comforting beer. I always want to have a second or a third one.” Get Left Field’s beer delivered to your home.


Kaitlin Vandenbosch, brewmaster at Mill Street Brewery

Mill Street’s Big Little Lager, 3.5% “This is our brand new light lager. It’s dry-hopped and full of flavour, but only 3.5% ABV and 80 calories in a 355mL can. This has been my go-to beer since social distancing started in mid-March. I’m craving beer more often now that I’m home, but I try to keep it light most of the time.” Get Mill Street’s beer delivered to your home.

Bellwoods Brewery’s White Picket Fence Blended Foeder Saison, 6.1% “I love this beer. It’s the perfect amount of funk, flavour and sourness for me. Like most people, I’m cooking a lot more these days and this beer pairs perfectly with a wide variety of home-cooked meals.” Get Bellwoods’ beer delivered to your door.


Brandon Judd, head brewer at Avling Brewery

Avling Brewery’s Kinsman Bohemian Lager, 3.9% “What I look for in everyday beers is simplicity without plainness and an ABV that allows me to have two—or maybe three, given the situation—without feeling woozy. Sitting at 3.9% ABV but packed with flavour, Kinsman is made for this purpose. Its texture and balance make it crisp and refreshing, but still rewarding and difficult to put down.” Get Avling’s beer delivered to your home.

What beers Toronto brewers are drinking in isolation—and how you can have them delivered



Sonnen Hill’s Standard Oak-Aged Grisette, 4.5% “I love this beer for the way it weaves together its strands of flavour. The oak, the acidity and the bitterness coalesce into a beer that shifts on your palate and eludes a simple definition—which is ironic, since it is at heart a simple beer. It pairs equally well with good cooking or the late-day sun.” Get Sonnen Hill’s beer delivered to your home.


Stephane Dubois, head brewer and co-owner of Bandit Brewery

Bandit Brewery’s Mangrove IPA “I’m a big fan of Mangrove’s dank and tropical aromas, which come as a result of a heavy double dry–hop with Galaxy and Mosaic hops. The subtle sweetness helps to highlight the beer’s juiciness. It’s easy-drinking, but still complex and extremely aromatic.” Get Bandit’s beer delivered to your home.

Blood Brothers Brewings’ Cactus Head Double-Hopped IPA, 6.5% “This beer from Blood Brothers is super juicy, extra pale and I really love the hops in it.” Get Blood Brothers’ beer delivered to your home.


Dave Lee, brewmaster at Eastbound Brewing Co.

Eastbound Brewing’s Fresh Start Strata APA, 5.0% “This is our rotating single-hop APA series. The recipe stays the same but the hop variety changes with each release—it’s a great way to get to know your hops. The latest one uses Strata hop, which give our beer the perfect mix of dank-piney goodness with a punch of mango. It’s a tasty, tasty treat.” Get this beer delivered to your home.

Sawdust City Brewing Co.‘s Everyday Magic IPA, 6.5% “Hop forward and super hazy, this beauty delivers a ton of tropical flavours and a thick body that helps the hops mingle through the haze.” Get Sawdust City’s beer delivered to your home.


Danielle Barron, events coordinator at Left Field Brewery

Left Field Brewery’s Gigante Micro IPA, 3.3% “This hazy, low-ABV beer has a big flavour. I love the juicy notes of cantaloupe and orange zest from the hops we use, and it has a bitter backbone that makes it well balanced, and easy to drink. I’ve been pairing it with fish tacos, chickpea salad with berries and goat cheese, or my Friday night pizza delivery from Blondie’s—the one topped with pepperoni, jalapeno, and honey.” Get Left Field’s beer delivered to your home.

Muddy York Brewing Co.‘s Major Small Best Bitter, 4.6% “This beer boasts earthy and herbal English hops, balanced with sweet malt. I love the lower ABV on this beer—it’s super sessionable. It’s dry and the perfect quarantine companion.” Get Muddy York’s beer delivered to your home.



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