Toronto writer David Sax wins James Beard Award

Toronto writer David Sax wins James Beard Award

(Image: McClelland and Stewart)

Local boy and Toronto Life contributor David Sax won a James Beard Award for his much-lauded book Save the Deli yesterday. He blogs today on the Save the Deli Web site:

It was a wild night. I haven’t shvitzed that intensely since I was at a Russian banya. There was every kind of treyf you could imagine, great friends from the food world, and enough mixed alcohol to give me a hangover for the rest of today (hence, the late entry).

It wouldn’t be a good celebration without a debilitating hangover the following morning. In fact, the party was so good (the crowd apparently went wild when Sax won) that the James Beard Foundation has yet to post an official list of winners, but it did live tweet the ceremony and has a list of winners on its blog. The other Canadian to take home honours was Laura Calder, celebrated for her Food Network Canada show French Food at Home.

The awards conclude tonight, when the winners of the restaurant and chef categories will be announced. One Canuck is in the running: Paul Grieco of New York’s Hearth is up for most influential guy in the booze biz.

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