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Thursday’s NXNE picks: Evening Hymns, The Luyas, Deerhoof and more

We’re still reeling from last night’s indie music extravaganza, so we’re going to let the good times keep rolling and offer another five picks that are all music, all the time. We have to admit, though, the number of bands we want to see is out of sync with our ability to get to all these venues. Really, this is the unfortunate reality of a city-wide music festival. If only we had magical powers (like this). But we digress. Check out our selections for Thursday, after the jump.

1. Concert—Evening Hymns We think that Evening Hymns is lovely—really, how could it not be with a name like that and an album called Spirit Guides—and that songwriter Jonas Bonnetta writes music that sounds great anywhere: on your iPod, on your record player, around a campfire or live at The Music Gallery tonight. Plus, Bonnetta is well connected in the local scene, having collaborated with member of Ohbijou, D’Ubervilles and The Wooden Sky, as well as Forest City Lovers, who just so happen to be taking the stage following Evening Hymns. 8 p.m. The Music Gallery, 197 John St., 416-204-1080.

2. Concert- The Luyas Part of what we love about Canadian musicians is that they often play in multiple bands and collaborate frequently. The Luyas is a Montreal band made up of Mathieu Charbonneau, Jessie Stein (previously of SS Cardiacs and Miracle Fortress), Pietro Amato and Stefan Schneider (both members of Bell Orchestre). Oh, and Amato used to play horns for Arcade Fire, too. 9 p.m. The Horseshoe Tavern, 370 Queen St. W., 416-598-4753.

3. Concert—The Dodos and Deerhoof San Fran takes over Phoenix Concert Theatre tonight with performances by The Dodos and Deerhoof. Expect intricate picking from The Dodos and expansive art rock from Deerhoof—and expect to get there. The show is sold out and only a limited number of wristband holders will be let in. 9 p.m and 10 p.m. Phoenix Concert Theatre, 410 Sherbourne St., 416-323-1251.

4. Concert—Ty Segall Rocker Ty Segall may be young (he’s only 23), but he’s got a back catalogue of music that could rival many far more “mature” musicians—seriously, he has four full-length albums and a bunch of seven-inch singles under his belt and has also collaborated with multiple bands on their releases. Segall’s psychedelic garage rock is sure to work the crowd into a frenzy tonight; we suggest wearing sturdy shoes or avoiding the mosh pit. 12 a.m. The Garrison, 1197 Dundas St. W., 416-519-9439.

5. Concert—Woodsman This band came all the way from Denver to play its own version of experimental rock to Toronto audiophiles. Featuring two drummers and two sound manipulators, Woodsman counts the cinematic work of Stan Brakhage among its influences, which may explain the otherworldly sonic landscape created in Rare Forms. 10 p.m. El Mocambo (main floor), 464 Spadina Ave., 416-777-1777.


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