OMG Baked Goodness’ new location sells more than baked goods

OMG Baked Goodness’ new location sells more than baked goods

For the past seven years, Lesley Mattina has been courting customers with her Pop-Tart impostors and too-good-to-be-vegan chocolate cupcakes, and now she’s spread her flour-dusted wings to Queen and Dufferin. Unlike the O.G. OMG, which is more of a wholesale bakery, OMG on the Park is a sit-down café, bakeshop and grocery store in one. On top of the usual sweet staples, there’s also a gelato bar stocked with unique flavours from Death in Venice, and a selection of sandwiches and salads. “All of our products are made by suppliers located within a 10-kilometre radius of the store,” says co-owner (and Lesley’s bro) Douglas Mattina. Staples like milk and eggs are popular with the neighbourhood’s condo-dwellers, but so are the no-fuss prepared dinner options including Stasis’ duck confit and Alimentari’s fresh pasta.

One of OMG’s butter tarts, topped with Death in Venice’s peach gelato. $6.99.

Gluten-free brownie topped with vegan strawberry-juniper-basil sorbet. $6.99

A bacon- and cheese-stuffed croissant. (Available grilled.) $3.25.

The muffuletta is layered with capicola, sopressata, spicy salami, provolone and cheddar, aïoli and red pepper sauce. $8.25.

Fizzy Fruit: fruit (grapes, in this case) that have been pumped with carbon dioxide for Perrier-like effervescence.



That’s Lesley back there with her pup.

47 Abell St.,, @omgbakedgoodness