Here’s Toronto’s most indulgent late night sugar rush

Here’s Toronto’s most indulgent late night sugar rush

Petit Potato’s taiwanese toast. Photography by Daniel Neuhaus

This extravagant take on ice cream cake is a popular pig-out in Asian bubble tea cafés: a leaning tower of deliciousness made from honey-bruléed bread, fruit and ice cream. It comes to Toronto courtesy of Petit Potato, an adorable late night dessert bar in North York. Here’s how they make it.

Step 1

They divide a loaf of egg bread into three slices, then hollow them out and cut the inner pieces into super-thick cubes. The bread is brushed with a mix of honey and butter, and baked until it’s golden-brown.

Step 2

The toast slices are stacked and the cubes placed back into their crusty frames. Then the stack is layered with strawberries, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, mini-marshmallows and strawberry coulis.

Step 3

When the ice cream hits the warm toast, it melts and soaks lusciously into the bread. The crusts form a bread bowl, and customers use the loose cubes for dipping into the ice cream.

Step 4

The final result is 10 inches tall and meant to serve six people. The strawberry version is the most popular, but there are also variations made with kiwi, mango, Oreos and matcha–red bean ice cream.

Petite Potato, 10 Ravel Rd. Unit #1–2, North York, 416-756-3311,

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