Toronto’s craziest ice cream sandwiches right now

Toronto’s craziest ice cream sandwiches right now

This summer’s most inventive ice creams come slathered and smushed between the darnedest things


Junked Food Co.’s doughnut

Ice cream sandwich: Junked Food Co.

At this guilty-pleasure den on Dundas West, ice cream is sandwiched between glazed doughnuts. For added zaniness, it’s then rolled in Froot Loops and Nerds. $6.95. 1256 Dundas St. W., 647-343-5326,

Bake Shoppe’s pop-tart

Ice cream sandwich: Bake Shoppe

Bake Shoppe concocts habit-forming pop-tarts—this one’s filled with blackberry, plum and violet jam from Kitten and the Bear—and fuses a pair of them with Tahitian vanilla bean from Ed’s Real Scoop. $6. 859 College St., 416-916-2253,

Bang Bang’s cinnamon bun

Ice cream sandwich: Bang Bang

Ossington’s perpetually busy parlour has a sensational secret-menu item: a giant cinnamon bun, slathered in icing and loaded with the shop’s signature cinnamon toast ice cream. Get in line. Now. $7.50. 93A Ossington Ave., 647-348-1900,

Colette Grand Cafe’s profiterole

Ice cream sandwich: Colette Grand Café

A house-made almond-crunch profiterole is filled with Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream, then doused with creamy caramel and Valrhona chocolate sauce, and sprinkled with cocoa nibs. $12. 550 Wellington St. W., 647-348-7000,

Booyah’s taco

Ice cream sandwich: Booyah

Booyah bends a chocolate-dipped, sprinkle-coated, house-made waffle into the shape of a taco, then fills it with three scoops of ice cream (they have 36 options) and covers it in over-the-top toppings. $7.30 with two toppings. 16 Vaughan Rd., 647-347-2001,

Big Crow’s brioche

Ice cream sandwich: Big Crow

The decadent s’mores sandwich at Big Crow does the campfire classic proud: a brioche bun is stuffed with vanilla, drizzled with chocolate sauce, sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs and crowned with toasted marshmallows. $7. 176 Dupont St., 647-748-3287,

Scoop Shop’s macarons

Ice cream sandwich: Scoop Scoop

Scoop Shop loads up oversized versions of classic macaron meringues with your choice of ice cream (salted caramel brownie cheesecake pictured here). $5.95. 808 Dundas St. W., 416-854-2949,

Dirty Bird’s waffles

Ice cream sandwich: Dirty Bird

The Sweet Nuttins’ sandwich at Kensington Market’s fried chicken and waffles joint, delivers a dollop of sweet-potato ice cream from Ed’s Real Scoop between two mini-waffles topped with crushed, candied pecans. $6. 79 Kensington Ave., 647-345-2473,