What’s on the menu at Front Street Foods, the Financial District’s summer-long outdoor food court

What’s on the menu at Front Street Foods, the Financial District’s summer-long outdoor food court


Last summer’s Front Street Foods pop-up has returned, but this time it’s not on Front Street. From now until August 5, the second-floor terrace of Adelaide Place will be an outdoor food court, giving workers in the Financial District a reason to leave their cubicles at lunchtime. Here’s a look at what all 20 vendors are serving.

Fish’d by Edo

Classic tuna poke with a choice of rice (shown here) or quinoa. $15.

Spicy shiso pesto salmon poke also comes with a choice of rice or quinoa (shown here). $14.

Tiger Tuna Burrito: tuna, avocado, tempura bits, cucumber, lettuce and purple cabbage. $13.

The Salmon Sunrise Burrito is like a giant maki roll sweetened with mango. $12.

The Big Shrimp Burrito is an oversized California roll, but with shrimp instead of imitation crab. $12.



Besides vegan salads and breakfast jars, Fresh serves rotating flavours of cold-pressed juice. $7 and up.


Chimney Stax Baking Co.

Chimney Stax Baking Co. fills their rotisserie-baked rolls with savoury sandwich toppings or sweet soft-serve. The cheese-covered Caprese Stax comes with bocconcini, tomato, arugula, basil and balsamic vinaigrette. $10.

The Canadian Eh!? is a simple cinnamon-dusted cone filled with soft-serve, bacon and maple syrup. $10.


Fred’s Bread

Gourmet grilled cheese. $7. ($9 with Cumbrae’s bacon.)

Pizza focaccia are heated to order. $5.


Brock Sandwich

Brock Sandwich is serving four different sandwiches. This vegetarian one is made with hickory-smoked pulled jackfruit tossed in an apple-mustard barbecue sauce and dressed with coleslaw. $12.



Trendy Thai ice cream rolls are made to order on a -18°C ice cream pan.

You can order them with fresh fruit. $5.

Or with sprinkles, mini marshmallows and Oreo. $5.


Bacon Nation

The Canadian Breakfast Bar by Bacon Nation is back again, making breakfast sandwiches and open-faced eggs bennies. Customers choose a protein (bacon strips, peameal bacon, pulled pork, avocado) and a sauce (hollandaise, chipotle, avocado-lime) for their poached egg–topped brioche bun. On the side: either home fries or a spinach salad. $9.50.


Tacos 101

Tacos 101 specializes in burritos. Just kidding, they make tacos. Customers can choose from carnitas, chicken adobo, nopal (cactus and cheese) or barbacoa (not shown). $4–$4.50.

Don’t forget the complimentary hot sauce.


The Merchant Taps and Tavern

At the Merchant’s booth there’s beer ($6.50–$7.50), wine ($7.25) and sangria ($8.25), plus freshly shucked PEI oysters. ($12.50 for four).


Little Fin

Little Fin returns with a trio of dishes including soba salad. $10.

Fish tacos made with haddock. $11.50.

Haddock and chips. $10.


The Mighty Cob

Whole-roasted Mexican-style corn on the cob slicked with lime butter, mayo and parm. $4–$5.

There’s also corn-off-the-cob salad in a cup. $5–$6.50.


The Rolling Pin

Whole doughnut cakes can be pre-ordered for pick-up. There’s nothing like an afternoon sugar crash.

Filled doughnuts come in flavours like banana cream pie, maple bacon and Nutella ($3–$3.50). And there’s the 6ix-wich (pictured), an ice cream sandwich made with griddle-pressed doughnuts and a shot of salted caramel ($5.50).



Toben Kochman of Toben by Design is back with brisket sandwiches and barbecue platters. Slow-smoked brisket on a bun with braised chipotle barbecue sauce and slaw. $9.

Slow-smoked pulled Berkshire pork is tossed in a cider-mustard barbecue sauce and topped with slaw. $8.

The barbecue plate is piled with brisket, pork, slaw, and mac and cheese. $14.


Raclette Suisse

New to the lineup: raclette, a traditional taste of the Swiss Alps. First, the cheese is broiled.

And then it’s scraped over fried potatoes and sausage.

Raclette-covered fried potatoes and honey-garlic sausage, sided with a kale salad. $15.


Jake’s Lobster

Jake’s brings a taste of the East Coast to Adelaide Place. Triple-cooked Chowdah Fries (left) are covered in New England–style clam chowder gravy ($10), and a Maine-style lobster roll (right) comes with fries ($15).


La Fiesta

La Fiesta’s paella is cooked on site. $12.

Their pulled pork meal is served with llapingachos (stuffed potato patties), rice and salad. $10.

Pulled pork sandwich. $8.


Holy Chuck

The double-patty Smoky Cow (left) uses three-year-old smoked cheddar, double-smoked bacon and smoked sea salt ($12). Their signature burger (right) features two beef patties, double cheese, maple-smoked bacon and caramelized onions ($10).

Holy Chuck’s new house-made vegan burger uses quinoa, hemp hearts, mushrooms, rice and other “healthy stuff,” according to owner Johnny Prassoulis. $12.


Hot Bunzz

Hot Bunzz sandwiches are stuffed with a variety of fillings for both vegetarians and meat lovers. Flavours include Canadian Bison Short Rib ($8 each or $15 for two), Island Jerk Chicken or Pharoah’s Falafel ($7 for two, or $10 for three).


Station Cold Brew

You’re gonna need some caffeine after all of that. Station Cold Brew’s pouring nitrogen-infused cold brew ($4) and their cold brew latte (pictured, $6).


Railroad Coffee Co.
And Railroad Coffee Co. serves coffee, tea and a variety of croissants and biscotti. $2–$3.75.

June 13–August 5, Monday to Friday 11 a.m.–8 p.m., Adelaide Place, 150 York St., frontstreetfoods.com.