New dessert parlour coats ice cream in 24 different flavours of chocolate

New dessert parlour coats ice cream in 24 different flavours of chocolate

Another day, another dairy-dessert trend: La Diperie, the Quebec-based ice cream chain that’s descended on the Danforth, is putting a twist on the classic dipped cone by offering 24 flavours of chocolate coating. Right now, the favourites are honey-lavender and black liquorice, but there’s also matcha, banana, peppermint, piña colada and white chocolate maple fudge. The dipped vanilla soft-serve—in a regular cone or a doughnut-like pastry one—is then rolled through one of the 15-plus toppings; some of them sweet (Oreo, coconut) and others, savoury (green peas, crushed tortilla chips). “When grandfathers order, they tend to whisper, ‘sprinkles,’ like they’re too old for them,” says co-owner Francisco Landaeta.

While La Diperie offers more than 300 possible combinations for its dipped cones, they sell only vanilla soft-serve.

Customers can choose a regular cone, or one of these warm, chocolate-filled pastry ones.

The Danforth shop goes through around 600 cones every day, and—between all of the five locations—around 1,000 kilos of chocolate every week.

After the cone is coated in chocolate, it’s rolled in a topping. In this case, pretzel bits.

Sometimes caramel ganache joins the party.

L’Apres Match: vanilla soft serve, dark chocolate coating, pretzel bits and caramel ganache. $6.50.

Madelaine’s Oreo is named after a McGill student who’s a big fan of the cookie. It’s coated in Oreo cream chocolate and crushed Oreos.

Here’s the finished product. $4.50.

Cocofolie: one of the 11 house creations, it’s dipped in 70 per cent dark chocolate and finished with coconut shavings. $4.50.

The L’Érabliere—coated in maple chocolate and topped with caramelized pecans—is a top-seller in Québec. $4.50.

La Diperie: the namesake cone features a milk chocolate coating, diced almonds and caramel ganache. $4.50.

Le Rocher: a mini cone, dipped in milk chocolate and finished with chopped hazelnuts and hazelnut praline. $2.50.

Cally’s Key Lime Pie (in cup form here) is dipped in key lime white chocolate and topped with crushed Maria cookies. $4.50.


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