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Ten things Jamie Kennedy can’t live without

Ten things Jamie Kennedy can't live without

This month, the city’s most famous locavore releases his first cookbook in more than a decade. Here, the 10 things he can’t live without

Ten things Jamie Kennedy can't live without
My knife I’ve been using a general-­purpose Global chef’s knife for a decade. I like the way it feels in my hand: a solid everyday work tool.

My multi-purpose condiment I use my great aunt’s recipe for mustard pickle, which is like an old-fashioned relish. It goes with everything, especially meat pies and sandwiches. It’s better than ketchup.
My custom chef jackets Standard-issue uniforms are more utilitarian than stylish, so I asked Matt Robinson of the local brand Klaxon Howl to make me something with more flair. The front panel has a cool swoop. The whole thing is tailored to my body so it looks good but still allows me to move my arms freely.
My spread in the country I have a 46-hectare farm in Prince Edward County with a garden that supplies my restaurant, Gilead, with garlic, tomatoes and other vegetables. Our family experimented with living there full-time in 2007, but we weren’t quite ready for the rural life. Still, I spend as many weekends out there as I can.
My dog, Champ He’s a mutt, heavy on the border collie and Australian shepherd. I got him when we were still on the farm, so he’s had to adjust to life as a city dog.
My commute I bike from my place in the west end to Gilead, in Corktown, even in winter. I work long hours so it helps me get some exercise. And when there’s heavy traffic, I speed right through.
My snack I’m known for my fries, and I eat them almost every day. Like bread, they’re the staff of life.
My morning meal The older I get, the more I have my set rituals. Every morning, I arrive at work and grab some sheep’s milk yogurt for breakfast.
My day-timer I’m an analog guy. Instead of a smartphone, I have a big leather planner for all my notes, appointments and reminders. It doubles as a diary. I keep each year in a file so I can go back in time and conjure up what I was doing then.
My comedy canon I have an embarrassing habit of quoting lines from movies—the comedies that I watched ad nauseam with my four kids when they were growing up. We’ve probably seen Zoolander 30 times. Same goes for Austin Powers, Office Space and Beverly Hills Cop.


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