“I’ve found great Ontario wines with my membership”: A Q&A with Wine Club member Deb Voorheis on membership, her love for wines and more

“I’ve found great Ontario wines with my membership”: A Q&A with Wine Club member Deb Voorheis on membership, her love for wines and more

The Toronto Life Wine Club brings the best Ontario and international wines to your doorstep. Each month, wine club members receive 3 bottles of spectacular VQA or international wine from a different prestigious winery, expert tasting notes, and food pairings. Members can expect library reserves, limited editions, and pre-release wines that you can’t find anywhere else.

We chatted with TL Wine Club member Deb Voorheis, an executive search and talent recruiter, about her experience with the club so far.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Deb and I love Toronto! I love the people, culture, food and everything about this city. I’m passionate about skiing and cycling. During these unprecedented times, a lot of activities have been restricted. I hope everything gets better soon and I get to ski this season. I’m also passionate about supporting local businesses and encourage everyone to do the same. Every week, I try to do takeout from a local restaurant. I’m also an avid reader of Toronto Life as it helps me stay connected with so many things and events in the city. There’s always something going on, and TL has all the information about it.

Why did you become a Wine Club member?

I joined the Wine Club because I love trying out new wines. I also wanted to support Ontario wines. My boyfriend likes to cook, so we wanted to experiment with wines while we cherish the food. It’s my way to stay more connected to him. Little things count! I love everything about the monthly membership box. It’s so much fun to be part of the club. The variety is amazing, and the deals are fantastic. I pay less and get way more. Some bottles normally cost more than $50. I recommend the membership to all wine lovers out there.

How long have you been a member? Has the pandemic changed anything?

Two years. Even in these difficult times, the service is seamless. Every month, the box is delivered on time. I eagerly await the wine variation, and it comes with a card with details for each bottle. The packaging is fantastic. Christmas is coming and it would make a great gifting option.

What have been the best finds so far?

There are plenty of best finds in these subscription boxes. My boyfriend and I have found great Ontario reds that are better than some European and Australian wines. A few of my best finds so far are from Bachelder and Henry of Pelham Estate Winery.

Any advice on working remotely or navigating the lifestyle change?

Consistency is the key! Have a designated area at home where you can sit down and work with ease. It’s important to prepare yourself to work mentally. Take breaks to refresh yourself. Physical activity is also important and should be incorporated into a daily routine. Even in this weather, dress and step out for a walk.

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