When embarking on new discoveries, it’s best to have an expert guide. Today, we offer the insight of Beth Havers, Canada’s only female Single Malt Scotch Whisky Ambassador, and a savvy pioneer all her own.


1. How did you discover Scotch Whisky?
I have a huge sense of adventure which prompted me to move to Edinburgh after graduating university. One night, while at the pub I decided to order a dram of Glenfiddich. There was something about the approachability and complexity of it that intrigued me, and I’ve loved it ever since. What is amazing is that from only three ingredients—barley, water and yeast, you can enjoy some of the most diverse ranges of Single Malts based on region, age, barrels used to age, and production techniques. Now, I am the Canadian Brand Ambassador for Glenfiddich, my dream job. My role is to travel across Canada educating and talking with people about Single Malt Scotch, and spreading the good word of Glenfiddich.

2. What is it about Whisky that’s so evocative?
People have been distilling for thousands of years and the Scots have been making Whisky since the 1400’s. It really is timeless. What is really special is that I get to work for a 5th generation, family-owned company, William Grant & Sons, and their brand, Glenfiddich, which literally pioneered the global development of the Single Malt industry in the early 1960’s. To see where the industry is now and what it has become today is quite amazing. It is also fitting that Glenfiddich is now the #1 Selling and Most Awarded Single Malt in the World.

3. You’re one of very few women in a masculine industry, what’s that like?
Glenfiddich encourages everyone be it male or female to discover their passion for single malts but I believe it was their pioneering spirit that recognized my experience and enthusiasm and broke the mold in hiring a female Scotch Whisky Ambassador for the Canadian market. Every day is different. I could be teaching a Glenfiddich Masterclass in Victoria one moment and talking to a group of Product Consultants in Burlington the next. I love the variety of people I meant and the opportunity to help people fine what Glenfiddich Single Malt is right for them!

4. Who are some of your trailblazing heroes?
It sounds obvious, but, my parents. They taught me the importance of discovering how to do things my own way and having the faith in myself to take risks. Another mentor is Brian Kinsman, the current Malt Master at Glenfiddich. He is young for a Malt Master, truly passionate and innovative. He is continuously experimenting with different aging techniques and barrel types and adding Whiskies to Glenfiddich’s vast range of single malts. The most recent being the Glenfiddich Malt Master – a Whisky created using the double maturation process (using both a sherry and bourbon barrel to age). He’s been very helpful in my learning as well and I am able to call him up with any question I may have. Another group that inspires me is Wounded Warriors Canada. Glenfiddich began a partnership with them in 2012 and continues to support them in their trail blazing efforts in helping our veterans suffering from PTSD.
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