The Dish Power Rankings: Easter Long Weekend Edition

The Dish Power Rankings: Easter Long Weekend Edition


In this week’s roundup: Everyone loves hummus, and David Chang goes to Hooters.

1. Bar Buca
Toronto Life’s Mark Pupo had nice stuff to say about Rob Gentile’s blood-infused crêpes and tripe sandwiches. (Montreal restaurateur Chuck Hughes is also a fan).

2. Fat Pasha
Anthony Rose’s Israeli hangout is alive and buzzing. According to Toronto deli man Zane Caplansky, the Middle Eastern menu is “unreal delicious.”

3. Caplansky’s
Speaking of Caplansky, the food-truck champion hosted the city’s most popular Passover seder and announced the upcoming release of a signature brew. Busy guy.

4. Lou Dawg’s
Deadmau5 and Rob Ford both bailed on Thursday’s anniversary-party-slash-rib-eating-contest at Lou Dawg’s (they were apparently on the guest list.). That didn’t stop hundreds of Toronto bros from coming to claim their share of free pork-topped poutine.

5. Luckee
Torontonians have finally sampled Susur’s upscale dim sum—and deemed it totally Instagram-worthy.

6. S. Lefkowitz
The city’s first all-hummus restaurant was so busy opening weekend that it ran out of hummus. Toronto is really into hummus right now.

7. Paulette’s
What’s the best doughnut in Toronto? We say the blueberry-balsamic-glazed wonder from Paulette’s, which  topped our list of the city’s most delicious deep-fried dough.

8. Momofuku Toronto
Vice’s latest “Munchies” vid was all about Momo TO. (Go straight to the five-minute mark to meet the off-menu Asian cheeseburger you’ll be ordering soon at Noodle Bar.)

9. Hooters
Meanwhile, Momo founder David Chang revealed his man-of-the-people side by hanging with his staff at Hooters.

10. Sam James
This ultra-minimalist addition to the Ossington strip has everything a coffeehouse rat could want. Except tables. Tables are so five minutes ago.

Honourable Mentions: Splendido unveiled a line of astoundingly ornate Easter confections, and Tom’s Dairy Freeze on The Queensway inspired a grown man to tattoo an ice cream cone on his forearm.