Fourteen of summer’s coolest swirls of soft serve ice cream

Fourteen of summer’s coolest swirls of soft serve ice cream

The record-breaking temperatures sweeping across the States have yet to make their way north, but when they do, Toronto has more than its fair share of soft serve with which to cool off. Here are fourteen of the craziest, creamiest cones and cups being served in the city right now—from “sweet dream” to “drama cream.”

Roselle Desserts’ Strawberry shortcake

14 This Corktown bakery, known for its perennially picture-perfect pastries, is churning out some fab summer treats like this sweet-cream soft serve topped with sablé breton bits, crème anglaise and, of course, local berries. (Available until Ontario strawberries run out.) $5.50. 362 King St. E., 416-368-8188,

Forno Cultura’s Savoury soft serve

13 This King West bodega creates intriguing bakery-inspired gelato flavours like anise-studded corn bread or olive oil sourdough. This week, bitter cacao loaf is on offer. (For a couple extra bucks, customers can choose to sub out the cup for a pair of buttery biscotti or hazelnut amaretti.) $4.50. 609 King Street W., 416-603-8305,


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Seven Lives Paleteria’s Vegan Dole Whip floats

12 We’re not sure what’s worse: the screaming tots at Disneyland or a Kensington drum circle. Either way, the Market’s a lot closer than California, where this dessert was invented. The taco purveyor’s paleteria does a bang-on Dole Whip float, an iceberg of vegan vanilla soft serve floating in a sea of pineapple juice, and topped with a maraschino cherry. $5. 72 Kensington Ave, No phone, @7lpaleteria.

Tsujiri’s Houjicha float

11 This 155-year-old Japanese company adds matcha powder to all of its frozen desserts. The houjicha float crowns a cup of iced green tea with a swirly cap of roasted green tea soft serve. $6.50 and up. 147 Dundas St. W., 647-351-7899, Facebook.

Almond Tofu x Jasmine Tea ?

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Kekou’s Asian flavours

10 The gelato shop made Toronto-famous for flavours like Vietnamese coffee, green tea whiskey and ever-divisive durian also sells soft serve. They’re currently selling cups and cones of almond tofu, jasmine tea or a swirl of the two. $3 and up. 394 Queen St. W., 416-516-0637,

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Tom’s Dairy Freeze’s Cookie Monster

9 This Etobicoke ice cream icon has been serving up soft serve since the summer of ’69. The Cookie Monster creation from their secret menu is vanilla soft serve coated in a neon blue raspberry flavoured shell and decorated with Oreo cookie crumble. $5 and up. 630 The Queensway, 416-259-1846,

La Diperie’s Dipped cones

8 This Montreal export boasts cones of all shapes and sizes, and the soft serve that goes inside them gets dipped in one of two-dozen chocolate-based flavours, then rolled in toppings that include waffle pieces, pistachios or Ritz crackers. $6 for a medium dipped cone with two toppings. 372 Danforth Ave., 416-901-7130,

Bar Ape’s Sundaes

7 Bar Ape might be best known for its chocolate-dipped gelato bars, but the killer sundaes are becoming a fast favourite. The sundaes are anchored around a swirl of fior di latte soft serve and topped with rotating house-made sauces like strawberry-basil or passion fruit-caramel. $5. 283 Rushton Rd., 647-223-4931, @bar_ape.

Junked Food Co.’s Strawberry cream soda with cookie dough

6 Every few days, these junk food freaks change up their soft serve options: one day they’re making strawberry cream soda, the next red velvet brownie. Customers can pair it with a scoop of one of six flavours of cookie dough, including classic chocolate chip or peanut-buttery Reese Lightnin’. $5.45. 507 Queen St. W., 647-343-5326,

WVRST’s Savoury soft serve

5 This King West beer hall isn’t just one big sausage party—it does soft serve, too. The flavours currently on offer are salted maple rosemary, key lime pie and toasted coconut. Customers who wish to can get theirs sprinkled with crispy bits of duck fat fries. $6.25. 609 King St. W., 416-703-7775,

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Sweet Jesus’ Pimped-out cones

4 Top Chef Canada judge Chris Nuttall-Smith once said this was the most overrated ice cream in the city. We say, so what? These architecturally unstable novelty soft-serve spires—loaded with everything from birthday cake to cotton candy—are just plain fun. $6. 106 John St., 647-348-1166,

Descendant Pizza’s Devil’s custard

3 It’s not just the bubbling cheese on the deep dish pies that will set your mouth ablaze at this Leslieville pizza joint. Now, even their frozen desserts are hot, hot, hot. The brand-new Devil’s Custard is topped with hunks of chili-infused honey, chocolate-covered sponge toffee, Aleppo pepper flakes and a squirt of Mike’s Hot Honey. $6. (Coming to Descendant on July 1.) 1168 Queen St. E., 647-347-1168,

Eva’s Original Chimney’s Drip cake cone

2 This limited-edition treat is Eva’s most decadent chimney to date. A rotisserie-baked pastry overflowing with vanilla soft serve is coated with peanuts and salted caramel sauce. Then, it’s topped with more salted caramel, some peanut brittle caramel popcorn, a macaron and a sprinkling of edible gold stars, just because. $14. (Served until August 31 at the Pusateri’s Saks Food Hall.) 176 Yonge St., 416-534-2378,

iHalo Crunch’s Charcoal cones

1 Activated charcoal is the newest pseudo-science fad that’s supposed to help you detox—apparently even while eating ice cream. Regardless of the dubious health benefits (and the 30 minute wait), the pitch-black coconut soft serve (Toronto’s latest Instagram darling) looks cool, especially when paired with a cone of the same colour. $6.50. 915 Queen St. W., 647-505-3777, @ihalokrunch.