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10 of Toronto’s most hilariously dressed hot dogs

Whether you order it from a street vendor, get it at a baseball game, or grill it on your own backyard barbecue, the hot dog is a summer staple. But at these Toronto restaurants, it’s a veritable sausage party all year round. Here, 10 of the city’s most over-the-top dogs, ranked from “wiener misdemeanor” to “hot diggity!"

South Street Burger’s Dress-Your-Own Dog

10 You can order your dog au natural at this burger chain, but why would you when there are over 30 toppings to choose from, including cheese curds, ginger-glazed pineapple, maple-infused onions, mango-chutney relish and wasabi mayo. $4.99. Multiple locations,    

Don Don Izakaya’s Kimchi dog

9 This izakaya at Bay and Dundas does a couple of Japanese-style hot dogs, including this one topped with pork and kimchi, and cut into four pieces for sharesies. We recommend pairing it with a frosty pint of the restaurant’s Polar Beer. $8.50. 130 Dundas St. W., 416-492-5292,    

Completo’s Completo Dog

8 The namesake dish at Leslieville’s Latin American lunch counter is a griddled Rowe Farms wiener served in a toasted bun and loaded with mayo, tomato-cilantro salsa and mashed avocado. Optional toppings include house hot sauce, ketchup and mustard. $7. 5 Coady Ave., 416-901-9233,    

Dog and Bear’s Chili Cheese Dog

7 The menu at this Queen West sports pub is a mix of British comfort food favourites (bangers and mash, full English breakfast) and American ones, like this chili-cheese dog made with a Nathan’s all-beef wiener, house-made beef chili, a mess of cheese sauce, onions and pickled jalapeños. $7. 1100 Queen St. W., 647-352-8601,    

Round the Horn’s Mac Daddy

6 This Roncesvalles sports bar serves up all the stadium favourites: cold beer, popcorn, soft pretzels, nachos and—of course—hot dogs. This Big Mac–inspired number comes loaded with American cheese, shredded lettuce, diced onions, pickles and secret sauce. $7. 331 Roncesvalles Ave., 416-785-2123, @roundthehorn    

Smoke’s Weinerie’s PBJ & Bacon

5 As they do with poutine at their numerous poutineries, Smoke’s gets pretty creative with wieners at their so-called “weinerie.” This sweet-and-savoury number combines peanut butter with grape jelly, crispy bacon and childhood memories. $4.99-$9.99. 457 Spadina Ave., 416-599-2875,    

Fancy Franks’ Frankie Goes to Buffalo

4 It’s hard to choose just one of the fancy frankfurters from Fancy Franks’ all-hot-dog menu. Their ode to the Queen City is a panko-fried wiener topped with chicken bacon, carrots and celery, blue cheese dressing and buffalo wing sauce. $7.25. Multiple locations,    

The Burger’s Priest’s Vatican-Style Dog

3 While the Burger’s Priest’s menu is primarily patty-driven, the popular chain dabbles in dogs, too. Their Vatican-Style Dog from the secret menu replaces a traditional bun with a grilled cheese sandwich. $5.99 Multiple locations,    

Uncle Betty’s Ultimate Hot Dog

2 This midtown diner makes a lot of “ultimate” dishes—like a doughnut breakfast sandwich and a meatloaf-filled grilled cheese—so it’s no surprise that they have an over-the-top hot dog, too. Here, a quarter-pound dog is dressed with house-made mac and cheese, pulled pork (or meatloaf), cheddar cheese and garlic aïoli. $15. 2590 Yonge St., 416-483-2590,    

Lobster Monster’s Lobster Poutine Dog

1 Lobster Monster has finished strong in our poutine and grilled cheese sandwich Ridiculists, and they’ve managed to come out on top again. But it makes sense given their all-beef wiener comes topped with chunks of Maritime lobster and poutine—complete with fries. $12. 3249 Yonge St., 416-488-8755,


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