Toronto's best doughnuts right now

The best doughnuts in Toronto right now

Our artery-exploding ranking of the city’s best doughnuts, crullers and custard-filled confections

By Alex Baldinger and Rebecca Fleming| Photography by Vicky Lam
| May 17, 2017
Toronto's best doughnuts right now
19. Tori’s Bakeshop’s Vanilla Cake Doughnut

This vanilla cake doughnut may look like other pink rings, but it’s healthier: organic, vegan, gluten-free and baked—and it’s still crave-worthy. $3. 2188 Queen St. E., 647-350-6500,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
18. Janchenko’s Bakery’s Plum-Filled Ponchiki

Go early in the morning to this Bloor West Village bakery, long known as Anna’s, and the plum-filled ponchiki are served, still warm, in a paper bag. $1.25. 2394 Bloor St. W., 416-769-8065.


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
17. Sanremo Bakery’s Lemon Meringue Doughnut

You have to take a number at this perennially busy Italian bakery in Etobicoke—but their mouth-puckering lemon meringue doughnut is worth the wait. $1.80. 374 Royal York Rd., 416-255-2808,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
16. Apiecalypse Now’s D’ohnut

Imagine Wonder Bread slathered in hot-pink icing, and that pretty much sums up Apiecalypse Now’s vegan, Simpsons-inspired dessert. $2.50. 735 Bloor St. W., 416-516-4555,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
15. Little Nicky’s Cinnamon Sugar Mini Doughnuts

The café’s Donut Robot spits tiny rings onto a conveyor belt that drops them into a vat of cinnamon sugar. $2.75 for six. 375 Queen St. W., 416-260-0500.


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
14. Through Being Cool’s Reverse Boston Cream

The vegan Reverse Boston Cream doughnut at TBC sports a light vanilla glaze and a milkshake-thick, tofu-based chocolate icing. $3.25. 1277 Bloor St. W., 416-998-3321, @tbcvegan.


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
13. Beast’s Boozy Brown Butter Doughnut

Brunch is always better with doughnuts and booze, so here’s a two-for-one: a brown-butter doughnut with a kick from frosting that’s had a few glugs of rye. $3.96. 96 Tecumseth St., 647-352-6000,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
12. Fat Pasha’s Sufganiyot

Fat Pasha makes these Hanukkah treats year-round: the beignet-like bundles are dusted with cinnamon sugar, filled with whipped cream and served on a chocolate mousse bed. $10. 414 Dupont St., 647-342-0356,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
11. P.G Clucks’  Honey Cruller

The marquee says “fried chicken sandwiches,” but the delicate honey cruller deserves a shout-out. Hedonists can order their chicken on one from P.G.’s “secret” menu. $2.50. 610 College St., 647-925-2226,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
10. La Cubana’s Doughnut Holes

Happiness is a bowl of La Cubana’s deep-fried, sugar- dusted doughnut holes. They’re served with chantilly cream and caramel for dunking. $6 for six. 392 Roncesvalles Ave., 416-538-7500,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
9. Cheese Boutique’s Bomba

One of these Nutella-filled bomba is the most joy you can buy in this city for under a buck. Each is a perfect three bites, and the house-made hazelnut deliciousness isn’t as sweet as the store-bought stuff. $0.85. 45 Ripley Ave., 416-762-6292,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
8. Jelly Modern’s S’mores Doughnut

This work of art—filled with house-made marshmallow cream, covered in a milk-chocolate ganache and sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs—tastes like summer, minus the mosquitoes. $2.75. 376 College St.; 181 Bay St., 416-962-2053,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
7. The Rolling Pin’s Cotton Candy Doughnut

This sprinkled strawberry confection has a frizzy cotton candy wig to send it soaring into the sweetness stratosphere. $3.25. 3429 Yonge St., 416-691-4554,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
6. Sorelle and Co.‘s Orange Blueberry Doughnut

These gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free vegan doughnuts taste way less virtuous than they are—and the orange-blueberry looks like it belongs in an art gallery. $3.95. 176 Yonge St.; 1050 Rutherford Rd., Vaughan, 905-303-1073,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
5. White Lily Diner’s Chocolate Dip Doughnuts

The petite doughnuts here range from classic (maple dip) to contemporary (vanilla chai). The chocolate dip, with an airy dough and just enough dark chocolate ganache to satisfy a sweet tooth, is our favourite. $4.50 for two. 678 Queen St. E., 416-901-7800,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
4. Von Doughnuts’ Blueberry-Lime Streusel

These yeasted rounds are among the puffiest in town. The crème brûlée is Von’s top seller, but our pick is the blueberry-lime streusel for its fine balance between classic construction and gonzo excess. $2.85. 713 Danforth Ave., 416-901-8663,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
3. Bar Raval’s Crema Catalana Doughnuts

Doughnuts don’t spring to mind when we think of Catalan cuisine. Crema catalana, however, is one of its specialities, and Bar Raval honours the dessert with a ball of dough filled with lightly sweet custard. $4. 505 College St., no phone,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
2. Glory Hole’s Buttered Toast Doughnut

Breakfast will never be the same after a bite of Glory Hole’s signature toast-and-butter creation. It’s topped with brown-butter frosting, a skiff of cinnamon and a smattering of sweet breadcrumbs. $3.50. 1596 Queen St. W., 647-352-4848,


Toronto's best doughnuts right now
1. Emma’s Country Kitchen’s Crunchie Doughnut

This brunch hot spot makes the city’s best doughnuts. (In fact, Emma’s co-owner Rachel Pellett once competed on the reality series Donut Showdown and won.) We’re partial to her Crunchie-inspired creation, a chocolate-dipped doughnut topped with melt-in-your-mouth shards of sponge toffee. $3. 810 St. Clair Ave. W., 416-652-3662,


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