11 of Toronto’s most preposterous pizzas with over-the-top toppings

11 of Toronto’s most preposterous pizzas with over-the-top toppings

Purists might argue that dough needn’t be adorned with anything other than good sauce and quality mozzarella to be a proper pizza. But for others, that sturdy bread base provides ample opportunity for experimentation. The proof: these 11 preposterous pies, topped with things that put good ol’ double cheese to shame.

Village Pizza’s Thanks, Obama!

11 Village Pizza doubles down on the political divisiveness of this sweet-and-savoury classic by bringing POTUS 44 into the mix. The ode to Barack’s birthplace swaps out ham for its Hawaiian cousin, Spam. $18-$26. 759 Dovercourt Rd., 647-748-7737; 761 Dundas St. W., villagepizzato.com.

Via Mercanti’s Via Mercanti

10 This eponymous double-decker takes a white pizza base (loaded with ricotta, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms and hot soppressata), and tops it with a margherita pizza. It’s almost like a calzone and a pizza had a very attractive, belt-busting baby. $20. 188 Augusta Ave., 647-343-6647; plus two other Toronto locations, pizzeriaviamercanti.ca


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Descendant’s Electric Avenue

9 This destination for Detroit deep dish is really upping their toppings game. Topped with jerk chicken, pineapple, Mama Lil’s Peppers and Diablo’s Fuego hot sauce, this Jamaican-inspired pie tests how high Leslievillians can climb the Scoville scale. $20–$32. 1168 Queen St. E., 647-347-1168, descendantdsp.com.

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Double D’s brunch pizza

8 Sure, this east-end pizzeria’s classic Chicago pizzas are pretty ridiculous to begin with (with a small ringing in at 1,663 calories), but it’s uber-bold to start your day off with deep-dish anything. This brunch variant is filled with scalloped potatoes, bacon and shredded mozzarella. On top: a sunny-side-up egg. $8–$12. 1020 Gerrard St. E., 416-727-5411; 1256 Dundas St. W., 416-901-5499, doubledspizzas.com.

Maker Pizza’s Frank’s Best

7 The pizzafication of other favourite foods continues at Makers with this bagel-pizza hybrid. For it, a chewy sesame seed crust is topped with, goat cheese, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, mozzarella, parm, rosemary, olive oil, sea salt and honey. $14–$25. 59 Cameron St., 416-782-2000, makerpizza.com.

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Apiecalypse Now’s Fat Mac

6 Big Mac pretender pies aren’t new to Toronto, but this one sets itself apart from the herd with its vegan cred. Don’t be fooled, though—it’ll still send you reaching for the Lipitor. This beast piles a sesame-ringed crust with “ground not beef,” dill pickles, onions, vegan cheddar, shredded iceberg and an especially special special sauce that’s mayo free, yet taste’s like the real deal. $18.50–$27. 735 Bloor St. W., 416-516-4555, @pizzapiecalypse.

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Big House Pizza’s No Patty, No Cry

5 Only in Toronto can you go to Greektown for a meal that combines Jamaican and Italian hand-held foods. Here, a patty pastry–like crust is loaded with braised beef, sweet peas, pigeon peas, carrots and finished with a smattering of plantain chips. $16–$23. 962 Danforth Ave., 416-759-8484, bighousepizza.com

Junked Food Co.’s Mac and Cheeza

4 Unsurprisingly, the guys behind Junked Food Co. have found a way to add twice the amount of cheese and carbs to pizza. They stuff a deep dish shell with decadent cheddar mac-and-cheese. The two-inch-high pie is finished with mozzarella, a dollop of tomato sauce and some parmesan. $11.95. 507 Queen St. W., 647-343-5326, junkedfoodco.com.

Mitaza’s Poutine pizza

3 Just south of Kingston Road there’s a restaurant making the dream of inebriated people everywhere come true: a pizza topped with poutine. But wait, it gets even better: the crust’s stuffed with pepperoni, because go big or go home. Actually, no, just go home—you’re probably drunk. $15.95–$28.95. 269 Morningside Ave., 416-901-0909, mitazafusionpizzeria.com.

Conspiracy Pizza’s Bay of Pigs

2 On an industrial stretch of Leaside, locals line up hoping to snag one of Adam Skelly’s pizzas before they sell out. One of the most out-there pies of offer marries a Cubano sandwich with a pizza. The chewy crust is topped with Adamson Barbecue’s pulled pork and smoked bacon, red onion, bread-and-butter pickles, “white sauce” and barbecue mustard sauce. $25. 176 Wicksteed Ave., 647-694-3327, @conspiracy.pizza.

Lamanna Bakery’s Grilled cheese pizza

1 This Scarborough bakery crowns their pies with some of the most insane toppings in town: mini slices of pepperoni pizza, arancini or rigatoni pasta and meat sauce. We’re most obsessed with the one covered in teeny-tiny grilled cheese sandwiches (complete with itty-bitty grill marks). $30. 6758 Kingston Rd., 416-287-2020, @lamannabakery.