You People, the latest Jonah Hill comedy, is here—and everything else on Netflix Canada this week

You People, the latest Jonah Hill comedy, is here—and everything else on Netflix Canada this week

Plus what’s new on Disney Plus, Prime Video, Apple TV Plus and Crave

Jonah Hill as Ezra and Lauren London as Amira in You People. Parrish Lewis/Netflix © 2023

If you’re in need of a good laugh this week, the streamers have plenty to offer. Check out You People, Jonah Hill’s star-studded comedy about what happens when a young couple brings together their very different families, or Shotgun Wedding, an action comedy starring Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel about a destination celebration gone wrong. There’s also Poker Face, a classic case-of-the-week dramedy created by Knives Out filmmaker Rian Johnson and starring Natasha Lyonne as a crime solver with a knack for sniffing out lies, and Shrinking, a Jason Segel and Harrison Ford series following a therapist who begins eschewing standard ethics and boundaries. Here are our picks for the most notable new titles available on Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, Apple TV Plus and Crave this week.

You People

Jonah Hill teamed up with Kenya Barris (Blackish, Girls Trip) to write this comedy about a young couple who are very happily in love—until it comes time for their families to meet, leading to clashes about race, culture, religion, and more. Hill also stars alongside Eddie Murphy, Nia Long, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Duchovny and Lauren London. January 27


This British series is set in a world where everyone gets a superpower when they turn 18—except Jen (Máiréad Tyers), that is. Now 25, Jen is still stuck waiting for her “gift” while struggling to fit into a society that pities her. With the help of a few friends—including her roommate, who can channel the dead, and a superpowered cat)—Jen sets off on a journey of self-discovery. January 25

Poker Face

Available via the Citytv Plus add-on, this case-of-the-week dramedy was created by Rian Johnson (Knives Out, Glass Onion) as an homage to classic mystery shows like Columbo. Natasha Lyonne stars in the 10-episode series as Charlie, a woman with an uncanny ability to determine when someone is lying. Each week, she hops into her retro Plymouth Barracuda, stopping in a new town to help solve various crimes. Guest stars include celebs like Adrien Brody, Chloë Sevigny, Benjamin Bratt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and more. January 26

Shotgun Wedding

Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel star in this action comedy as an engaged couple who have gathered all of their loved ones on a sunny island for their dream destination wedding. But their plans go awry when they each start getting cold feet—and then their entire wedding party is taken hostage by a group of pirates. Jennifer Coolidge, Lenny Kravitz, Sônia Braga, Cheech Marin, D’Arcy Carden and Alex Mallari Jr. also star. January 27

Good Rivals

This docuseries takes a look at the long-standing sports rivalry between the Mexican and US national soccer teams. Over the course of the series, expert interviews and archival footage are used to analyze the arcs of star players, like Landon Donovan and Rafael Márquez, as well as fan support, talent development and political issues between the neighbouring countries. January 27


Jason Segel co-created this comedy series with Ted Lasso’s Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein. He also stars as a therapist struggling with grief. In order to cope, he decides to ignore his training and standard ethical boundaries by telling his patients what he really thinks, resulting in major changes to their lives—and his. Harrison Ford also stars. January 27

Official Competition

Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas are going meta with this satirical comedy. The Spanish-language film follows an eclectic cast of characters and the hijinks that ensue when they all come together to make a movie. A legacy-obsessed octogenarian millionaire (José Luis Gómez) purchases the rights to a Nobel Prize–winning novel and then hires eccentric filmmaker Lola (Cruz) to make a brilliant piece of art. It’s a tall order, and things don’t get any smoother when the very different co-leads (Banderas and Oscar Martínez) start butting heads. January 27