Who should play Captain Canada in the new $15 million action flick? Here are five suggestions

Who should play Captain Canada in the new $15 million action flick? Here are five suggestions

As discussed last week, it looks like the Green Hornet, the Green Lantern, Superman and various other cinematic vigilantes may soon have some competition from a certain Canadian caped crusader. Richard Comely, the artist-writer who co-created Captain Canuck in 1975 says he is in the process of bringing his hero to the big screen. Word is the project would involve multi-million dollar financing and a big name to bring the starring role to life. The obvious question now is: who should don the red and white tights? Comely suggested Justin Bieber, but despite the Biebs’s newfound movie-stardom, we think there are better options out there (like, say, an actor who’s capable of growing facial hair). Here, our look at five potential Captains Canada, all of whom have pluses and minuses.

(Image: Clayton Emery’s Custom Action Figures)

(Image: CBS)

Hugh Dillon
The former hard-living rocker turned action star definitely has the tough-guy thing going for him.  And the chiseled thing. And the biceps. He may be a little long in the tooth though, and with his busy shooting schedule—Flashpoint, Durham County, this thing—we doubt he’d had time to play another crime fighter.

(Image: Karon Liu)

George Strombolopolous
Technically he isn’t an actor, but he’s definitely a Canadian hero. Maybe this Captain Canuck is a bit of a brainy bad boy (wears a leather jacket, listens to Crystal Castles). On second thought, we wonder if Strombo would be willing to give up his beloved black wardrobe to wear a brightly coloured body stocking.

(Image: vagueonthehow)

Paul Gross
When he’s not a super hero, the original Captain Canada is just a simple, everyday Mountie. Sound like anyone we know? Gross also has the whole ladies man thing in the bag, though he may be a little too smouldering to play a superhero’s nerdy alter ego.

Dan Levy
Which brings us to Dan. Clark Kent-ish glasses? Check. Charming gawkiness? Check. Plus, he recently left his gig at MTV, so he might have some time on his hands. Maybe Jessi could play his crime-fighting companion? Or his nemesis? The Red Temptress seems like an appropriate moniker.

(Image: Pete Mora, from the Torontolife.com Flickr pool)

Ryan Gosling
Not that we think there’s any chance of getting him (the Goz in a superhero movie? Maybe when hell freezes over), but we can dream, right? He’s got the awkward charm to play the everyman, and more heroic gallantry in his baby toe than Bieber’s got in his entire body.